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Fostering Cats Becomes Owning More Cats

Getting around to a post on a "lazy" friday afternoon. I'm very proud of myself because I just made something really awesome for my Bloom into Spring Exchange partner. I said it before and I'll say it again: I'm not exactly a sewing expert. However, this came out really good! I'm not going to reveal it now because that's my partner's ... see more >>

This is What Kitty Does While We Work

So, if you've never had a cat, you may not know how lazy they are. I don't think they're lazy necessarily, but they definitely seem lazy. I think cats actually might need the 20 hours of sleep they get each day. I don't know. Anyway, just wanted to show you all what Kitty does while we work:   Only after she realizes ... see more >>

A Tribute to Kitty Franklin

So today I decided to do a little tribute to our first pet, Kitty Franklin. I guess I'll give you the back story for why she's named Kitty Franklin. Kyle and I were thinking of what we should name her and he mentioned the name Franklin. I told him she's a girl, so she can't be named Franklin. I also told him that Franklin is a turtle ... see more >>