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Child-Proofing Home Safety Tips

This is a sponsored guest post by Protection 1. While focusing on remodeling your home to make it more comfortable, attractive and valuable, it is important to ensure that you are also creating a safe environment for your family. Whether you have a house full of toddlers or a full house of teenagers, there are a variety of simple steps ... see more >>

Installing Home Security Cameras

Selecting and Installing a Home Surveillance System This is a guest post by Dan Miller at Home Security Deals. One of the biggest things to consider when doing a home improvement or DIY project is augmenting your home security. You’ve invested time and money into improving your house but it can all be erased in a heartbeat. Burglaries ... see more >>

The Investment of Home Security

This is a guest post by Dylan Johnson at People want to be safe in their homes. The best way to do this is to invest in some home security. Everywhere people are tightening their belts financially. This investment is often seen as just another expense. Getting a security system is actually a great way to save ... see more >>

Why Add Outdoor Motion Sensor Lighting to Your Home

This is a guest post by Todd at Alabama Lifeshield Security. Lighting is an important part of any home. We all want to be able to see clearly as we walk from room to room as well as be able to see while we carry on conservations, which can be hard to do in the dark. However, when it comes to lighting, many homeowners forget the outdoors. ... see more >>

The Top 5 Reasons You Need a Security System

This is a guest post by Zemfira of The name says it all; security system. It is a simple idea to protect and secure one of your most expensive possessions. Your home is by far the most valuable thing you own, holds your most prized things, and is the place where you and your family are supposed to be safe. But ... see more >>

DIY Home Surveillance Installation Considerations

This is a guest post by David at Security. When considering the installation of security cameras at your home there are a few things to keep in mind. First, what am I trying to accomplish? If your goal is for the cameras to be a deterrent to crime, you need to know that there is little evidence suggesting that cameras deter ... see more >>

Cost Effective Do It Yourself Security Tips

This is a guest post by Madison at So you want to keep your home and family safe and sound, but you can’t afford the costly installation of a home security system? The answer: do it yourself. With a growing trend toward wireless security systems, you’ll find that there are many options today that offer ... see more >>

DIY Home Security – 5 Reasons to Love SimpliSafe’s Burglar Alarms

This is a guest post by Kevin Raposo, blogger at Simplisafe. These days home security can be a concern for a lot of homeowners out there, and let’s face it, you have every right to be concerned! Unfortunately, most people don’t even think about home security until it’s too late... So here’s a head start: You don’t need to ... see more >>