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How to Grow New Marigold Flowers

Beach Bungalow Time My mom taught me this trick. I'm sure it's a well known trick in the gardening world, but I don't as of yet consider myself to be a part of the gardening world... I'm working on it though and I'm getting better season by season :) I bought a marigold plant about 2 years ago, and after awhile it just died and stopped ... see more >>

3 Popular Lawn Edging Tool Brands

This is a guest post by Steve. There are a lot of brands that produce and sell different kinds of lawn edging tools in the market for any type of gardener who is interested in taking on some yard work. An edger can be dangerous and you should know how to properly operate it before using the tool. If you happen to live in Canada and ... see more >>

Designing a Rooftop Garden

This is a guest post by Mike. Rooftop gardens are a fantastic way to take advantage of that otherwise useless space, creating something that’s both aesthetic, eco-friendly and functional. And the good news is that they’re relatively simple to setup. Here are some tips, tricks and considerations you should take into account when ... see more >>

Planting Herbs in My Garden

Beach Bungalow Time I decided a couple months ago that I wanted to start becoming a bit more self-sufficient when it comes to food, and one of the easiest ways to do that is to grow your own herbs and vegetables. My sister gave me a tomato plant, and that's what inspired me to add some other items to my "garden". So I wrote down ... see more >>

Will Renovate For Fun

This is a sponsored post. Kyle and I have lots of interests, but we love renovating. It is definitely one of our passions. We like to take something that is ugly and make it pretty. We like to take things that are broken and make them work again. We like to make things more functional, more beautiful, and more logical. We like to do ... see more >>