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Am I Too Late to Do A Resolutions Post?

Hey people, today we're going to take a tangent, because I've been reading lots of blogs lately, and I have to tell you it is extremely hard to not talk about the present. So far I've been talking about 2008 and now we're in 2012. It just seems so irrelevant. There is a method to this madness, and I hate doing things out of order, so ... see more >>

The Full Tour of Our House – Part One

Welcome back fellow remodelers, weekend warriors, and those of you who are just interested in seeing what we did with our house. In our last installment, we talked about how we came to find our first house. Check it out if you haven't already: How Did We Get Here? New here? Start back at the beginning: Welcome to One House, One ... see more >>

One House One Couple

Welcome to One House One Couple. It only takes one handy couple to fix an ugly house! We are Kyle and Lisha Yost of San Diego, CA. We got married July 12, 2008 on a beautiful sunny day in Dana Point, CA. Here's a picture of us on our honeymoon: Awww... don't we look so happy? We purchased our first home in August of 2008. Here's ... see more >>