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6 Creative Ways to Make a DIY Christmas Tree – I Like Number 1 and 5

I found this awesome infographic on Anglian Home's Good to be Home site. Since Thanksgiving is this week, and most people start decorating for Christmas just before or after Thanksgiving, I thought now would be a good time to share these creative ways to make your own interesting Christmas tree for the holidays. I really like options ... see more >>

How to Get Christmas Tree Sap Off Your Hands And Other Holiday Shinanigans

Beach Bungalow Time Kyle and I have been doing a few holiday things lately. First, we stayed home for Thanksgiving. Sometimes big family gatherings can get a bit overwhelming. So, let's just say it was a very peaceful Thanksgiving for us. We stayed home and watched cheesy holiday movies and went on a walk to the beach before making our ... see more >>

I Made a Christmas Wreath

Well, I actually made this a few years ago, I think the first Christmas Kyle and I were married, but I thought what better time to share this than now, after pulling out all my decorations for Christmas! (Don't mind the ugly screen though, our landlord still needs to replace that, lol!) I like to keep things simple, so I just got ... see more >>