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Let’s Play Spot The Cat

Kyle's 28th Birthday Part 3 Our third stop for Kyle's birthday was Mission Bay, but an area where most people don't really go (can you tell we don't like crowds?). Here it is on the map: Circle marks the spot. First we just took some time relaxing on our towels on the grass and doing a crossword puzzle book (one of our favorite ... see more >>

Fostering Cats Becomes Owning More Cats

Getting around to a post on a "lazy" friday afternoon. I'm very proud of myself because I just made something really awesome for my Bloom into Spring Exchange partner. I said it before and I'll say it again: I'm not exactly a sewing expert. However, this came out really good! I'm not going to reveal it now because that's my partner's ... see more >>

This is What Kitty Does While We Work

So, if you've never had a cat, you may not know how lazy they are. I don't think they're lazy necessarily, but they definitely seem lazy. I think cats actually might need the 20 hours of sleep they get each day. I don't know. Anyway, just wanted to show you all what Kitty does while we work:   Only after she realizes ... see more >>