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Poop Brown to Sophisticated Blue Gray Part Deux – Plus a Lovely Chevron Chair Reupholstery Job

Beach Bungalow Time I know I've been MIA for a few months, and you've been on a cliff-hanger ever since I told you about how I was painting our poop brown wall to a much more beautiful blue gray color! I've been really busy working on my personal development blog (something I'm very passionate about) ... see more >>

Painting the Living Room Wall [Poop Brown to Sophisticated Blue Gray]

Beach Bungalow Time The other day I decided I wanted to paint the ugly brown wall in our apartment. We had this gray blue/green color from when we installed the window in our living room. That was the color to paint the exterior. I decided this actually might look pretty good on that wall. Definitely better than that poop brown ... see more >>

Installation of Our New Window – Before and After

Beach Bungalow Time Since we moved into our place over a year ago, I've been wanting to add a window in the living room because it was like a cave in there! I knew it was going to be a decent sized project, but I also knew it would be worth it because it would make living day to day life so much better. It's amazing what some real ... see more >>

A New Addition to Our Family

Beach Bungalow Time I'm so excited because Kyle and I spent the whole weekend installing a window in the living room where we currently live. Oh, you thought we would be adding a living thing to our family? LOL... I thought the title would trick ya! Anyway, this has been about a year coming (or more). The place where we live was like ... see more >>

Added Some Much Needed Curb Appeal to Our “Front” Yard

Beach Bungalow Time As many of you know, we live in an apartment located on an alley that is attached to the main house that someone else is renting. So our front yard is in the alley. But I call everything behind our fence our backyard, and everything on the street part of the alley the front yard. It took us about a year, but we ... see more >>

Planting a Palm Tree and How Much to Water Bougainvillea

Beach Bungalow Time So I got this palm tree a few months ago and it's just been sitting in its pot ever since. I finally got around to planting it in the ground in its final resting place. Here is was before: Here is is now: And some more shots from other vantage points. Before: After: Before: After: I ... see more >>

Beach Bungalow Yard Update

Beach Bungalow Time I wanted to give you an update on how our yard is doing at the beach bungalow, and talk a bit about some plans I have for this week. These pictures were all taken about a week ago, just FYI. I'm almost done putting the rocks on the side of our walkway to give it a more finished look. I also need to get ... see more >>

Finished the Patio

Beach Bungalow Time About a month ago, I talked about ideas for the patio. Well, now it's finally done! Before we get started, let me show you what the yard looked like before we moved in: Ugly trash cans: Disheveled patio stones: Who wants to sit out here? Not me: We moved the trash cans to their appropriate ... see more >>

Shed Door is Now Yellow

Beach Bungalow Time Yellow seems to be the new big thing. When I told Kyle how everyone thought we should paint the shed door yellow, he was like, "WHA?!?" And I told him it's really popular right now (we even saw a commercial tonight of a lady painting her front door yellow), so he was like, "Okay." So off we went to get some yellow ... see more >>

Recent Adventures Part Three

So, we still don't have internet. Because our apartment is on the alley, they are having trouble verifying our location. We had to put some numbers on the house in the back alley side and also some numbers on the mailbox in front on the street. Hopefully we'll get internet soon because I'm getting tired of going to McDonald's to blog, ... see more >>