Back in Action with Our Flipped Home Remodel Updates

Home Remodel Time I know it's been awhile. I've been working on building one of my many side businesses and this blog has kind of gone to the wayside. Well, I really want to get back into the swing of things and finish telling you about our Home Remodel of the house we bought, renovated, and sold. After all, that was the point of ... see more >>

Designing a Rooftop Garden

This is a guest post by Mike. Rooftop gardens are a fantastic way to take advantage of that otherwise useless space, creating something that’s both aesthetic, eco-friendly and functional. And the good news is that they’re relatively simple to setup. Here are some tips, tricks and considerations you should take into account when ... see more >>

Remodeling Your Garage

This is a guest post by Jerry. Remodeling your garage can give a nice facelift to one of your oft-used but often overlooked rooms in your home; in addition to being able to make more use of your garage, giving it a makeover can also make your garage easier to clean and maintain, as well as eliminate potential pests that infiltrate ... see more >>

The Importance of Researching Insurance Costs

When Kyle and I bought our first home, we wanted to make sure we got the best insurance possible, and at a price that made sense. You don't always want to go with the lowest cost, and you definitely don't want to go without certain coverage. So we did a lot of research and we went with the best coverage that fit our needs, and at a good ... see more >>

Holding Back Crazy Banana Trees with a Quick Inexpensive Custom Fence

Beach Bungalow Time The weather here has been very cold compared to usual for over the last month. The last two days have been about 70 degrees (that's more like it) but it comes at a price. The air is so dry and arid, and staticky, yuck! But at least I can sit in my house and not turn the heater on during the day, and I can go outside ... see more >>

How to Winterize Your Home to Reduce Energy Costs

This is a guest post by Jim. Every year when the seasons change we unpack our old winter clothing, the sweaters and coats we so happily put in storage the year before when the weather finally turned and got sunny. For some it can be a little dismal, though an occasional surprise like a favorite boot you forgot about can make it more ... see more >>

Winner of the $100 Walmart Giftcard

Hi everyone, The Walmart Giftcard Giveaway has ended and the winner is... Mary W.! She has been notified of her win, and Tip Hero has sent her the $100 Giftcard. This month I will be co-hosting another Tip Hero Giveaway here at One House One Couple, so stay tuned and make sure you come back and enter to win that one too! ... see more >>

DIY PVC Light Stands

A few days ago, I told you about my DIY hanging light for our kitchen. Now I'm going to show you how I made two standing lamps out of pvc pipes. And the heights can be changed by adding different lengths of pvc pipe along with a coupling. Just like the hanging light, I used some extension cords as the wiring of my pvc light stands. Here's ... see more >>

Rugs and Carpet Cleaning

This is a guest post by linkvehicle. I have many handmade rugs that I was always afraid to clean. My rugs are one-of-a-kind antiques, and I was scared that careless cleaners would inadvertently destroy my priceless heirlooms. Despite my fears, last month I finally decided to have my rugs cleaned. Even though I prize my rugs above almost ... see more >>

Playing in the Neighborhood

It's funny because even though I don't have kids, I still recognize the perks to having parks around and kids playing in them. It just makes me happy. I like it when other people are happy. And unless one kid is throwing sand at another kid, usually everyone is happy at the park. That's my cute nephew. He's 4 now. When I was ... see more >>