Why Not Go Solar?

The other day I read a comment on an article about finding new ways to create energy so we wouldn't have to use oil. One comment was more about how to reduce the use of electricity. He said if there was a new law that was passed that all new buildings built had to run on solar energy, that would solve a lot of future problems our world ... see more >>

Kitchen Renovation Day 4

Home Remodel Time On Day Four of renovating the kitchen, Kyle put on the roof (not roofing material, just the plywood part) on most of the bare roof framing. We also started on the house siding. First we had to put up/staple the black felt paper on the studs. You have to start from the bottom up so that your flashing opening is at the ... see more >>

What I Think About Polished Concrete

Today, let's talk about concrete. Okay, so do I mean concrete concrete, like the kind we walk on outside, or am I talking about the cool stuff like concrete flooring and countertops for the house? I'm talking about the good ol' stuff that makes a modern industrial rustic look for the interior of your house (or even your office). We ... see more >>

Kitchen Renovation Day 3

Home Remodel Time On Day Three of renovating the kitchen, Kyle built the framing for the roof. Without the flash: With the flash: So at this point the roof framing is attached to the existing structure and the new structure. The new roof-line now goes straight across the whole top of the house, so it looks a lot more cohesive ... see more >>

Interior Painting Tips and Tricks

This is a guest post by Nick. Painting the interior of your home can sometimes feel overwhelming and end in less than excellent results. However, when done correctly, you can get extremely professional results and truly transform your home! Being in the Denver interior painting industry for over 20 years now, Walls by Design owner, ... see more >>

Kitchen Demolition and Renovation Day Two

Home Remodel Time Click here to see Kitchen Demolition Day One where we destroyed the pantry. On Day Two, Kyle created the framing of the new side of the kitchen: In this pic you can see me peeking out from the upstairs window, hehe!: First Kyle built the walls by himself each individually on the ground. Then we ... see more >>

Kitchen Demolition

Home Remodel Time Before I show you the final outcome of our front yard, I have to go through the process of showing you our kitchen remodel because part of the kitchen remodel involves the exterior of the front side of the house. So once I'm done showing you the kitchen remodel, I will pretty much be able to give you a final tour of ... see more >>

Spotting Celebrities

On Friday I'm going to start documenting our big kitchen demolition so make sure you come back for that. But today I wanted to talk a bit about spotting celebrities. I live in Southern California and I haven't seen very many celebrities in real life. I think maybe 3 or 4. One I remember clearly. It was Trevor Penick from O-Town. You ... see more >>

Happy Belated Valentine’s Day

Kyle and I had a super fun Valentine's day. And I'm gonna brag about it all right here and tell you about all the awesomeness that our Valentine's day bestowed upon us. Let me preface this story with the fact that Kyle and I are not huge Valentine's celebrators. We celebrate, but we don't really care. It's just another excuse to do ... see more >>

Spiffing up the Pipe Hiders

Home Remodel Time Yesterday I announced getting back into the swing of things here at the blog, so here I am with our first post back about our Home Remodel (you know, the house we bought, renovated, and sold). Well, after Kyle built the casing to hide the ugly pipes, it didn't quite match the fence it was up against. So we got ... see more >>