Zip It, Zip It Good – Part Two

I have a little story to tell you. It all started on my birthday last month. Kyle and I went to the nearby mountain town Julian to celebrate my b-day and him quitting his job to work full time on his porsche parts business. We went out to dinner and because I ordered some apple pie to-go, I was so eager to get out of there with my apple ... see more >>

Why You Should Switch to Compact Florescent Bulbs

This is a guest post. Saving energy around the home is one of the hottest topics today. People everywhere are looking for the best ways to save money around their homes without having to give up the lifestyle that they have become accustomed to. One of the easiest and most inexpensive ways for you to lower your energy bills around ... see more >>

Kitchen Remodel Day 15 – Mood Lighting

Home Remodel Time We already had 3 recessed lights in the ceiling of the kitchen, but we definitely needed to add a couple other lighting touches. For one thing, the island definitely needed something. So we found some really cool pendant lights at our favorite home improvement warehouse: It was a little difficult to get those babies ... see more >>

Making the Most of Your Extra Garage Space for Storage

This is a guest post. If you are someone who does not have any cabinets in the garage, then you are missing out on a huge part of owning a garage in the first place. Although there is nothing wrong with storing a car in a garage, you have to remember that there is also usually some extra space around the edges. ... see more >>

Kitchen Remodel Day 14 – Upper Cabinets

Home Remodel Time Kyle and I are about to head on out for a 4 day excursion to Santa Cruz to see one of my favorite college friends get hitched with a great guy! So before we go, I wanted to give you another kitchen remodel post. After we installed the base cabinets, we Kyle put up the upper cabinets, and we created the microwave ... see more >>

Kitchen Remodel Day 11, 12, & 13 – Mudding Drywall and Installing Lower Cabinets

Home Remodel Time On Kitchen Remodel Day 11, we mudded the cracks between the drywall and also the nails/screws. On Kitchen Remodel Day 12 and 13, we bought our first load of cabinets and installed all the base cabinets. This cabinet in the foreground of this pic is the only cabinet I actually installed myself (haha!). : Kyle ... see more >>

Happy Mother’s Day!

Hey everyone! Just wanted to give a shout out to all the moms out there! We know you work hard and you have the hardest job on the planet! Thank you to our own moms, whether biological or not, who have mothered us along the way, and even still continue to do so at times. We love you and appreciate you. We hope all the moms out ... see more >>

Best Storage For Tools

This is a guest post. Whether you work on cars, fix things around the house, or build furniture, you need a place to store all your tools; a place where you can organize them so you have what you need at the tip of your fingers. While hanging them on a peg board or laying them on a counter top might seem a good choice, you still ... see more >>

3 Essential Tips for Buying a Luxury Home

This is a guest post by Michael. If words like neoclassical, Italianate, and Greek revival have been lingering in your mind for awhile then it is time you consider purchasing a luxurious property. If this is the first time you are purchasing a luxury home, then you will quickly understand the difference in the process of buying a ... see more >>

Link-Up: April Favorites

I am joining Vicki from Domestic Mamma, Jade at an Organized Mess, and Night Owl to co-host a linkup each month and it's all about our favorites of the month. So each month we're going to answer these questions and see how our favorites change month by month. It will be pretty interesting to see. We'll all see how much we each change ... see more >>