How to Keep Safe During Summer Heat Waves

This is a guest post. It's summer time, so get ready for the heat with these tips on staying safe and cool this summer! Summer heat is tougher on the elderly and those with health issues, but even healthy adults and children can suffer the effects of heat exposure. CDC statistics indicate over 700 people die each year from heat related ... see more >>

Guest Post: Cool TerraCotta End Table

Greetings One House One Couple readers! My name is Sheila and I blog over at Beyond the Cookie Cutter. Thanks Lisha and Kyle for the invitation to come over and visit. I'm so excited to "meet" you all and thrilled to share this project. I just know we'll be good friends :) I got a little adventurous this past weekend. I've had ... see more >>

Easy DIY Lattice for Bougainvillea

Beach Bungalow Time About a week ago Kyle and I made a lattice for the bougainvillea that was growing amok in our yard. I didn't realize until just now how "amok" was spelled. I did a quick search. Amok is a weird word, isn't it? Anyway, My bloggie friend Vicki invited me to do a guest post at Domestic Mamma, so my post about the ... see more >>

Happy Father’s Day!

Fathers make a huge difference in this world. I personally think that what a father (or any man) does or doesn't do in a child's life is more impactful, whether positive or negative, than what a mother does or doesn't do. I think a lot of the psychopathology our world faces has to do with the fathers in this world. Whether the father ... see more >>

Summer Home Improvement Projects for Kids [INFOGRAPHIC]

I am so glad it's summer. Kyle and I just had our first day at the beach, and I tried surfing for the first time. It was a lot harder than I thought it would be but I was able to get up on my feet... for about two seconds, lol. I'll share more about that later. Maybe I'll put up a video of my new "skills" at some point. Anyway, since ... see more >>

Kitchen Renovation Day 17 – New Roofing and Siding

Home Remodel Time Since we're basically done with the kitchen (except for the final final reveal) I wanted to go back outside to show you a bit more progress that happened on the exterior of the kitchen. But first, let's go back to the beginning... Here's what our house looked like at first: Then we destroyed the pantry: Then ... see more >>

Hassle-Free Bathroom DIY: Makeover Your Bathroom Furniture

This is a guest post by Helen. Are your bathroom cabinets in need of an update? Are you short of time and money? Then read on... Cool, Contemporary Sheen Contemporary cabinets can be rejuvenated quite simply, with a couple of cans of hi-gloss cabinet spray paint and a few hours’ work. Hi-gloss bathroom furniture coordinates ... see more >>

Link-Up: May Favorites

Okay, so this post is a little late, but better late then never, right? I am joining Vicki from Domestic Mamma, Light & Sweet, and A Slice of Mudpie to co-host a linkup each month and it's all about our favorites of the month. So each month we're going to answer these questions and see how our favorites change month by month. It will ... see more >>

Kitchen Remodel Day 16 – Countertop Installed

Home Remodel Time Today's a big day. Because a kitchen doesn't look or function like a kitchen without a countertop. And these countertops are my favorite on the whole planet. Not only are they one of the more affordable choices that look nice, but it also functions and feels better than any other type of countertop material in my opinion. ... see more >>

Why Your Home’s Foundation Is So Important

This is a guest post. If you have foundation problems, your entire house is at risk. If you need to get your foundation fixed, don't wait. This is something you should repair right away when you know there is a problem. If you have a damaged foundation, you know that, if not repaired, it will only get worse. Texas homeowners have ... see more >>