Oh The Joys of Fresh Carpet

So after we painted and did all the dirty work that could possibly ruin new carpet, we finally got some fresh carpet in the master bedroom. We decided upon carpet because I told Kyle that I can't be barefoot on hard floors because you can feel every speck of dust beneath your feet. He agreed and we went to Home Depot and got the cheapest ... see more >>

Around the Looking Glass

If you're here for the first time, Start at the Beginning This post is called "Around the Looking Glass" instead of "Through the Looking Glass" because we didn't change the windows, we just changed around the windows. But first I would like to "brag" about our "Perfect" January Southern California Weather. Here we are on the ... see more >>

Redneck Monster Truck Fun

Hi everyone, it's Kyle, the other half of one couple (the one on the left).  It's my turn to give Lisha a little break, so I will tell you about our trip to see the monster trucks at the statium.  I work at our local motorcycle shop while I am not fixing up our house, and sometimes we get free tickets to an event at the statium.  So ... see more >>

Sea Lions, and Tiger Sharks, and Polar Bears Oh My

If you're here for the first time, you have to check out the Ugly House Tour Part One. On January 12, 2009, we went to Sea World, courtesy of Kyle's parents. They got us annual passes for Christmas, so we got started right away on that to get our "money's" worth. While we may not have gotten pictures of tiger sharks and polar bears ... see more >>

Master Bedroom Before and After-But-Not-Done-yet

Yesterday I spent 2 hours looking at all our pictures from 2009-present. What I was supposed to be doing is writing up a blog post. So what was supposed to be 1 hour spent on a blog post turned out to be 3 hours. lol. It is just so fun to look back on all we did and I am glad to say that we will be having a bit more DIY home remodel pics ... see more >>

A Walk in The Park

Hey everyone, happy Monday to you. Today we're going to document our first Christmas married (2008) and so today I bring you Christmas Eve and Christmas. On Christmas Eve, we decided to go to the park and feed the ducks and geese.   It was actually cold so I got to wear gloves and a scarf.   I like ... see more >>

January Sponsor Swap – The Rudanec Family

Today we have another lovely January Sponsor Swapper :) So take a few minutes out of your leisurely Saturday and check out this blog: The Rudanec Family. This is Jaimee:     And the little hand in the picture is most likely her super cute 2 yr old son that you have to go see! Here is Jaimee's personal ... see more >>

January Sponsor Swap – Bungalow960

Hey everyone, We partnered up with Shannon from Bungalow960.com, a new blogger friend I came across about a month ago. I've truly enjoyed reading Shannon's blog because she is so witty, funny, and genuine. I even like the name of the blog. Bungalow960 just has a good ring to it. Here is a personal message from Shannon: "Hello! ... see more >>

Am I Too Late to Do A Resolutions Post?

Hey people, today we're going to take a tangent, because I've been reading lots of blogs lately, and I have to tell you it is extremely hard to not talk about the present. So far I've been talking about 2008 and now we're in 2012. It just seems so irrelevant. There is a method to this madness, and I hate doing things out of order, so ... see more >>

Family Crazy People Time at Christmas

If you're here for the first time, Start at the Beginning of the One House, One Couple Journey.   Since Kyle and I weren't going to spend any time with family on Christmas or Christmas Eve, we had a celebration at my dad's house on 12-22-08. I don't know if that's cheating but Kyle seemed to be okay with it, so we went. Here ... see more >>