7×7 Bloggie Award – Blogger Love on Love Day

Happy Love Day! Besides the Liebster Award, One House One Couple was also very honored to receive the 7x7 Blog Award. We received the 7x7 Award from Ashley at First Home Dreams. <-- go check out her blog! Really awesome DIY goodness happening there! The 7x7 award terms of acceptance:   Share 7 things about yourself ... see more >>

Liebster Bloggie Award

One House One Couple has been super honored this past week. We received the Liebster award from the following people at the following blogs: Shannon at Bungalow960.com and Kate at DiscoverCreateLive.com <-- go check out their blogs! Both of them!!! ;)   The terms for accepting this reward is you have to: 1. Show your ... see more >>

More Blogs We Love in February

We had a couple late comers to the Sponsor Swap, so I'd like to announce two other blogs that you should go take a peek at. First off, Louise at Laid Off Mom was kind enough to invite me to do a guest post on her blog about a month ago. Here is more about her and the awesome blog she writes:   Louise from Laid Off Mom   "Hi ... see more >>

Lowering A Ceiling

Since we moved the toilet in the master bathroom, we also had to make room for the toilet plumbing below the master bathroom. I know I know... You're thinking, "Why would you ever lower a ceiling???" We had to. And luckily, the downstairs bathroom is just below the upstairs one. Not only that, but the downstairs bathroom already ... see more >>

Bathroom Progress and a New Project

On April 21, 2009, I painted the inside of the medicine cabinet for our master bathroom. I did it on the balcony which you can see is being used as a construction site for the time being. While I was doing that, Kyle was framing the shower in the master bathroom: In this photo, you can see that Kyle already started putting ... see more >>

Let The Bathroom Eat Paint

Hi lovely people, I hope you enjoyed the Superbowl yesterday. I was lame and didn't even start watching it until halfway through the 3rd quarter. I'm just not obsessed with football. In the past I would always get excited for the Superbowl, just because it's an exciting event. But when you have a lot going on in life, you just don't ... see more >>

Shower Craziness and Smooth Bathroom Walls

So immediately after Easter, we got crackin' on the bathroom again. By crackin' I mean work. Kyle worked on the shower/pipes/moving the toilet, and I worked on smoothing the walls (which sounds nice and easy but trust me, it's super tedious!) In order to move the shower and toilet, we had to get rid of all the tile floor and clean ... see more >>

Awesome Blogs We Love In February

Hi everyone, We want to welcome you to the February sponsor swap. I asked a bunch of people (who's blogs I love) if they would like to do a sponsor swap with us and here are the lovely people who decided to team up! All of these blogs I personally read and find entertainment and value in each of them. It is great to follow along ... see more >>

January Highlights

So this month, we covered a big span of time as far as our house progress goes. I want to remind any of you who are new, or those who have forgotten, that we are talking about our 3 year long process of remodeling our home, which started in September 2008. We've now made it all the way to April of 2009 in just a little over 2 months. ... see more >>

Easter in San Clemente

My mom and that side of  my family lives in San Clemente. That's where I was born. For Easter in 2009, we celebrated at my grandma's house (my mom's mom). So I have a bunch of pictures to show you, so I'm going to introduce you to some new people. From left to right: Evan (brother), Ryan (brother), Tyler (nephew (my sister Yasna's ... see more >>