Belated House Warming Party

It was time for my birthday, and since we had the house, we now had the space for a party, so I wanted to host an official house warming party/birthday party. It was my 25th birthday, so it was kind of a big deal ;) quarter of a century. yep. sounds older when you say it like that. My birthday is on May 6th (if any of you want to get ... see more >>

Calling All March Sponsor Swappers

Hey everyone, We're getting ready to set up our March Sponsor Swap, and we will be having our Sponsor Swap Post on March 1st or 2nd, so if you have a blog and you'd like to do a sponsor swap with us, go ahead and shoot us an email at Give us your button html code, or an attached image of your button and also a couple ... see more >>

If I could… Kyle’s Survey

Lisha told me we're doing this survey thing, so here we go... If I could live anywhere in the US... It would be here in San Diego, just in a nicer neighborhood. If I were to have more children... I would freak out, since we don't have any kids and don't want any. They are such a big responsibility and are a lot of work. If I ... see more >>

If I could… Lisha’s survey

I found this survey on Meagan's blog Local At last. So I thought I'd bring it on over to 1house1couple so you guys can get to know me a bit more. Tomorrow, Kyle's gonna do this survey too, so you can learn more about him! This should be fun. Now let's dive in! If I could live anywhere in the US... I haven't been everywhere, but I do ... see more >>

Office Organization At Last

Below are the posts about our office closet if you need to be updated: The birth of the office closet. Closet halfway done. Plastered Closet. So, instead of waiting for the closet to be painted, I decided to put up the shelves and put all our stuff in it, and I'd take care of finishing the closet later, when we were actually ... see more >>

Concrete Board Up on the Shower

Kyle here, my turn again. I am going to explain part of the process of tiling a shower. It is a lot of work to tile a whole shower but it looks really nice and makes the bathroom feel more luxurious. Take your time and make sure you do a lot of planning. In this picture you can see the shelf for soap and shampoo bottles.  I made ... see more >>

A Plastered Closet

Hey everyone, I hope you enjoyed Kyle's second debut on 1house1couple. He wrote a blog post on friday about his motorcycle adventures. <-- check it out and give him some comment love! Today I wanted to talk to you about the closet again. We're making strides. I had to put some more coats of joint compound to finish the drywall ... see more >>

No work day, track day.

Hey guys, it's Kyle again... remember me? Sometimes we need to have fun and take a little vacation for a day. For me, it was a track day. First let me define what a track day is. A company or business will rent a race track for the day. Then this company will sell admission. You get to bring your motorcycle to the race track and ride ... see more >>

Office Closet Halfway Done

While living in our house, we always had one room that was the junk room. The first room that housed all our excess junk was the office. When we moved in, anything that didn't seem to have a place, we just piled it in the office room. So it looked like this: You could barely walk into the room, not to mention do anything in there. ... see more >>

Laying A Bathroom Tile Floor

Today, we're back in business, getting down to DIYing it again, which is what we love. Yesterday, Kyle and I went to Home Depot, and as we got out of the car I said, "Remember when we used to live here?" And then we walked in and I said, "Oh I just love the smell of Home Depot... All the wood, chemicals, and paint..." Well, I do like ... see more >>