One Year Anniversary Day 4

Hey everyone, if you actually read 1house1couple, you know that Kyle and I are currently in our 4th year of marriage, but right now, here at the blog, we're talking about things that happened in the past. Right now we're in July of 2009, when we celebrated our 1 year anniversary. I'm sure that's confusing to all of you, but this is how ... see more >>

The Top 5 Reasons You Need a Security System

This is a guest post by Zemfira of The name says it all; security system. It is a simple idea to protect and secure one of your most expensive possessions. Your home is by far the most valuable thing you own, holds your most prized things, and is the place where you and your family are supposed to be safe. But ... see more >>

Hunger Games Saga

So, I've been reading the Hunger Games series by Suzanne Collins. It. Is. Awesome! I'm done with book two (Catching Fire) and now I'm a few chapters into Book 3: The Mockingjay. I'm sure you've all heard the hype and now the movie's out. The Hunger Games movie made over $155 million this past opening weekend. Kyle is ... see more >>

Taking Care of Business at 1house1couple

Hey everyone, This is our update about everything happening at 1house1couple. Bloom into Spring Exchange If you joined the Spring exchange, you should have received a message from Meagan. If you didn't please let me know. Also, if you don't remember the rules, go here. Just FYI, partners are top secret until the big reveal on everyone's ... see more >>

Yostie Blog Award – Laid Off Mom

This week's Yostie Award goes to Louise at Laid Off Mom. Her blogging journey began when she was laid off at her job, but she realized it was the best thing that could have happened for her. Now she gets to do what she loves, build her own business, and be at home with her adorable daughters as well. Laid Off Mom is definitely a crafter's ... see more >>

DIY Home Surveillance Installation Considerations

This is a guest post by David at Security. When considering the installation of security cameras at your home there are a few things to keep in mind. First, what am I trying to accomplish? If your goal is for the cameras to be a deterrent to crime, you need to know that there is little evidence suggesting that cameras deter ... see more >>

One Year Anniversary Day Three

First I want to update you on the Bloom into Spring Exchange. For those who joined, everyone should have received an email with their partner. You gotta email that person and give them your address. Then you go out shopping. Don't spend more than $15 (before shipping). Get your favorite item(s) that remind you of spring. Send your ... see more >>

Hanging Doors the Right Way

This is a guest post by Nick. Anyone who has successfully hung a door before will attest to the pitfalls. Hanging a door isn’t the most complicated DIY task available in the home; in fact it actually seems relatively simple. However like most things DIY, by not having the proper equipment or following a strict process you are very ... see more >>

Bloom Into Spring Exchange Update

Hey everyone, Just wanted to write a quick note saying that the Bloom into Spring Exchange Partners will be announced by email to those who signed up. So if you signed up, make sure you check your email tomorrow. You'll be given instructions on what to do next! Super excited! ... see more >>

One Year Anniversary Day Two

Back to our 1 year Anniversary Trip. Click here to see Day One. Now we're on day two. Just to recap, Kyle and I celebrated our one year anniversary (July 12, 2009) by going camping on the beach in Malibu. It was super fun. I made some videos, one for each day of our trip, kind of as a tribute. Day One, we only took pictures, but ... see more >>