Bowling and Mini Golf With the Sibs

Last weekend, my little brother and sister (not so little anymore) came to spend a weekend with Kyle and I. We had a really fun time together and it was a great bonding time because we don't really get to spend quality time together much. We went to the movies, went bowling, and went to the beach. What better time than now to look ... see more >>

Winners of the Fish Foam Giveaway

Hello everyone! I am happy to announce the winners of the Fish Foam Giveaway. Fish Foam was nice enough to send me a 3-pack to test and review, and now they're going to send a 3-pack of Fish Foam to each of the following winners: Micky Ash Alysa Congratulations to the winners! Winners were chosen at random via ... see more >>

What Did We Get From Design Create Love?

Welcome to the Big Bloom into Spring Exchange Reveal, a lovely Spring event hosted by Meagan at Local at Last, and us at One House One Couple. I'm excited that we've finally come to this day, when we all get to reveal and see what everyone got sent in the blogger Bloom into Spring Exchange!!! Thanks for being patient everyone, ... see more >>

Stressed or Blessed?

Taking Care of Business Update: Giveaway closed. There were 3 lucky winners!!! :) Today is the last day you can enter the big giveaway we're hosting. Fish Foam has offered to send their awesome window cleaner to 3 lucky winners (free of charge), so go enter to win now! Winners will be announced tomorrow, and I'll email the winners ... see more >>

Now All We Need Are Shower Doors

Taking Care of Business: Hey people, before we get started on this post, I wanted to remind you of the Giveaway we're having here! Woo Hoo! Who doesn't love free stuff, right? So head on over and pop in an entry so you have a chance to win! We also have rescheduled the big Bloom into Spring Exchange Reveal posts to Friday 4-20, so ... see more >>

Wonderful Blogger

Taking Care of Business Go enter to win the fun Fish Foam! Do it now before the giveaway ends! IF YOU ARE A PART OF THE BLOOM INTO SPRING EXCHANGE, THE BIG REVEAL POSTS HAVE BEEN RESCHEDULED TO TAKE PLACE ON FRIDAY 4-20! SO POST ABOUT IT THEN AND LINK UP ON THE HOST BLOGS: 1house1couple & localatlast. Wonderful Blogger Tag I ... see more >>

Versatile Blogger Award

Before we talk about the Versatile Blogger Award, I wanted to first make sure you knew about the Free Gift that we're giving away. Fish Foam has offered to send their fun foamy glass cleaner to 3 lucky winners, all you have to do is comment, and there are 8 ways to add extra entries if you want, so head on over and get yourself your free ... see more >>

Yostie Blog Award – We Heart DIY

Before we start the Yostie post, I wanted to announce the Giveaway we're hosting here at 1house1couple. All you have to do is one thing and you will have an entry for a free gift, the awesome Fish Foam window cleaner, which I must say makes cleaning stuff fun! So head on over and leave a comment so you can win it! There will be 3 winners! Now ... see more >>

Space Invaders and Volcanoes – Are You Covered?

This is a guest post by Adam at We're all familiar with the fact that our home insurance protects us against flooding, storm damage and subsidence, but what about volcanic eruptions and invaders from outer space? Strangely enough, many policies will pay out in the unlikely event of these things damaging your home ... see more >>

Cool Houses in Point Loma

If you haven't heard, we're hosting a Giveaway, go check it out! I went to school in Point Loma in San Diego and I also worked there for a few years after I graduated, so I spent over 7 years consistently driving around this town, and sometimes I find myself there to this day. Sometimes I like to just drive around and look at houses, ... see more >>