Yostie Blog Award – Attempts at Domestication

This week's Yostie Award goes to Ashley at Attempts at Domestication. I met Ashley through blogger land and Twitter, and I really like Ashley's blog because it's really well-rounded. You never know what you're gonna find. Sometimes she has a really yummy recipe for one of her cookout parties with friends, and sometimes she's talking ... see more >>

A Guide to Finding the Best Water Filter System

This is a guest post by Mishka at Dr. Mercola's Water Filters. When it comes to clean water, many experts agree that the finest source is a gravity-fed mountain spring. This type of water is naturally purified by the earth and is untouched by commercial bottling companies. This type of water contains organisms such as beneficial algae ... see more >>

Installing Beautifully Simple Shower Doors

Shower doors.  We chose to order our shower doors online, mostly because Home Depot did have them in stock.  But before ordering the shower doors or even building the shower, we took measurements to make sure that shower doors were even available in the right size, and ones that we liked.  If you are making a shower from scratch, ... see more >>

What’s in Our Purse?

Since I'm kinda going through an emotional time right now, I decided to do something fun and easy for today. I've been seeing this on various blogs lately and thought it would be fun to post what Kyle and I always bring with us everywhere we go. Obviously, Kyle doesn't have a purse, and like most guys, he doesn't feel the need to bring ... see more >>

For the Love of Mothers

On Thursday evening when Kyle came home, he brought in the mail. We ate dinner, watching Jeopardy as usual. At 8pm, I looked through the mail and noticed a card from my Grandma Burdick. I was surprised because I wasn't expecting to receive a birthday card from her this year. Just over a year ago, my grandma was diagnosed with lung ... see more >>

Yostie Blog Award – The Casual Castle

This week's Yostie Award goes to Rachel at The Casual Castle. Rachel is my best friend and she was my maid of honor at Kyle and my wedding. We met in college. We lived across the hall from each other and had Fitness Through Movement class together, and we've been friends ever since. Rachel got married 2 years ago (on May 29th) ... see more >>

Learn How to Install Tile Grout and Do It Yourself

This is a guest post by Spencer at GroutcleaningDIY.com The first rental property I owned was located in Kent, Washington. It was built in 1956, and it didn't look a day younger. I really liked this condo because it taught me a lot about how to do repairs and because I made a little bit of money when I sold it. I was really excited ... see more >>

UFO Featured Project Winner

Great job everyone! You did such a fantastic job getting your butts in gear and finishing your UnFinished Objects! Sorry to any of you who had issues linking up! Hopefully next time the kinks will be figured out! It didn't help that I was out of town when the link party happened. Poor planning! Although, it was my birthday, and I, ... see more >>

Yostie Blog Award – HumberHome Project

Before we start the Yostie post, I wanted to remind you of the UFO DIY Challenge! It's time for you to link up your Finished UFO!!! Read the instructions and then blog about it and link up here. UFO Link party ends when May 7th ends, so hurry!!! Now on to the Yostie! This week's Yostie Award goes to Ash at HumberHome Project. ... see more >>

D-I-WHY?! The Most Outrageous Mistakes Home Improvers Can Make

This is a guest post by Nathan at Searchlaboratory.com The concept of DIY is nothing if not a labour of love. This is largely due to the fact that there are a great many things that can go wrong with even the simplest undertaking in the world of home improvement. So, it stands to reason that only people with a true love for getting the ... see more >>