Deja Vu at Sea World

A while back, I posted about our visit to Sea World. Kyle's parents got us annual passes, and we hadn't used it much, so we decided to go again in October of 2009. We visited a couple of old stomping grounds. Remember Kyle the navigator in January 2009: And here he is again in October 2009: Remember me confused as ... see more >>

Raising Home Value for Free

This is a guest post by Tyler. The value of a home is calculated in two ways: one of these ways is through the professional appraisal that must be conducted to accurately determine the worth of the home in the current market. Adding value to your home in this respect is difficult, though not impossible, to accomplish without spending ... see more >>

A Surprise for Our Readers

Hey everyone, Just wanted to write a quick note to tell you to make sure you come over to 1house1couple on Thursday because we have an awesome surprise for our readers. We wanted to give you a head's up so you don't miss out! Also: Read yesterday's post if you haven't already. or some other cool posts to check out if you've ... see more >>

One Time This Happened…

One time we went camping and this happened: Yep, that's a river that's flowing into our tent. The river wasn't there the day before, but it was being created as we set up camp. Here's the back story: We drove up to Fresno County where my sister and her family lives... up in the mountains in Squaw Valley (not the one by Lake ... see more >>

Yostie Blog Award – Buffalo Roam

This week's Yostie Award goes to Amy at Buffalo Roam. Amy is so comical. I know I will always get a good laugh and leave happier than when I came when I visit Buffalo Roam. Amy and her husband have pretty much just finished building their new dream house in Kansas, and it looks stunning! All they have left to do is finish the fireplace. ... see more >>

Why Add Outdoor Motion Sensor Lighting to Your Home

This is a guest post by Todd at Alabama Lifeshield Security. Lighting is an important part of any home. We all want to be able to see clearly as we walk from room to room as well as be able to see while we carry on conservations, which can be hard to do in the dark. However, when it comes to lighting, many homeowners forget the outdoors. ... see more >>

Stylish Sunglasses For Gals on a Budget

I am a bad sunglasses person. Let me define what that means: I always drop my sunglasses and the lenses get scratched. I have a knack for losing my sunglasses, typically in public restrooms and restaurants. I buy cheap sunglasses because of this, so they don't last long and usually end up broken.   I am a 99 Cents Only ... see more >>

An Ocean Lover’s Home Office

After we finished the master bathroom, I got right on to fixing up the office. Here are some before photos of the office: This room didn't have a closet, so I built one for added storage space. Also that would make this a real 3 bedroom house (I don't know about other states, but in California, if a bedroom doesn't have ... see more >>

Make your rooms dazzling and hygienic with clean carpets

This is a guest post by Jimy at Mr. Extreme Clean. Carpet cleaning is one task that can quite easily enhance the looks of a room and also the entire house. A carpet should not only be clean in appearance, it should also be devoid of germs. What most people fail to realize while cleaning a carpet is that whether the carpet has been ... see more >>

Master Bathroom – Check – Before and After

By September 14, 2009, after Kyle installed the shower doors, we were finally finished with the master bathroom makeover. So now we have some before and after photos with descriptions of what we did to transform this bathroom and overall just make it a much more functional and luxurious bathroom (for its size). The after photos were ... see more >>