Painting the Stairwell and Destroying a Railing

After we finished smoothing the walls of the stairwell, we painted the walls (Kyle had to do the highest points, which was not easy). Kyle also replaced the light. We bought this cool chandelier, and it was only about $70. Then one day when Kyle was at work, I tackled the railing. I was pretty proud of myself because it was a big ... see more >>

Saturday Recipes

I love food. And one of the ways to make a house a home is to eat yummy food in it! For lunch today, I made a fried egg sandwich sprinkled with salt and pepper, with a smear of cream cheese and some yummy artichoke hearts. Along with that, I made a blueberry smoothie to get my antioxidants. Included vanilla yogurt, milk, frozen blueberries, ... see more >>

Distinctive Features of Panasonic Power Tools

This is a guest post by Abbas at Power Tool World. Panasonic brands have been in the market for several decades and have been known for quality industrial and home products. The brand has wide variety of electronic products and power tools that have been proved to be useful for different applications. They are manufactured with distinctive ... see more >>

Smooth walls before new stairs

I know Lisha's been confusing you with talk about our new apartment by the beach, but for now, we still have a house project to reveal. So, now, we're taking a step back to October 2009. Here is our staircase.  Awesome isn't it.  Well, it will be when it's done, but first thing's first.  We need to smooth the walls.  All that texture ... see more >>

RIP Good Ol’ Trusty

We bought Good Ol' Trusty back in 2009 so we could have something to bring home loads of supplies from Home Depot (or loads of demolition to the dump!). It took a long time before I finally decided to name him Good Ol' Trusty, after he had proven himself to be a trustworthy vehicle. We weren't sure how good of an investment he was ... see more >>

We’re Officially Moving to Imperial Beach

You may or may not have noticed my little info tidbits at the top of the sidebar giving you updates on our moving situation. We've been looking for an apartment in Imperial Beach because then we would not only be closer to the beach, but also closer to Kyle's work. Today we signed a lease on a place that has its own private entrance, ... see more >>

Remodelling your Kitchen

This is a guest post by Sudha at A kitchen makeover won't cost you a fortune, but will make your home look more attractive in all possible ways. A kitchen is a place where you sit with your family and have food. You not only cook there, but share thoughts, laugh and chat along with your family members. Make a ... see more >>

Awesome Blogs We Love in June

Hey everyone, I wanted to introduce you to this month's sponsor swappers. All of these blogs I personally read and enjoy, and you should take a moment to view each one. I know you'll love them as much as I do! Alysa from Alysa Good Stuff OC This is my sister's blog. She is in the process of creating 4 blogs. One about Orange County, ... see more >>

Our Lovely Sponsor for June

This post is brought to you by Shower Doors Deals, where you can get glamorous shower doors for less. And here at onehouseonecouple, you can get them for even LESS! Shower Doors Deals is giving 1house1couple readers a coupon code to get 5% off their already low prices for their lovely shower doors. The coupon code is "1house1couple", ... see more >>

$50 Giftcard of Your Choice Up for Grabs

Kyle and I were brainstorming on some ideas of how we can reward our readers, so we figured a contest would be the best and most fair way. We racked our brain on what we should give to the winner, and we decided that we would give you a $50 giftcard to any store you want if you win (if there is a location in San Diego county, ... see more >>