Fixing a Wall and Destroying the Stairs

Back to our extreme house makeover. Visit our last update: Painting the Stairwell and Destroying a Railing. So here's the problem: We had no idea why the wall went out about a half inch right there in the hallway. Well, I decided to find out: After taking off some of the drywall, some exterior house siding was exposed. ... see more >>

DIY Over the Toilet Shelving Unit

Our new place has just one tiny bathroom and we needed more space to put our bathroom supplies, etc. So I decided to build an over-the-toilet shelving unit. First I did a bunch of measuring and drew out my plan: All I needed was: 4 six foot poplar 1"x1" inch poles 1 four foot poplar 1"x1" inch poles 2 eight foot 1x4s 1 ... see more >>

My Brother’s Band

Still no internet, but I wanted to talk to you guys about my brother's new band because they are having their debut this weekend. I have a ton of talented siblings. I mean seriously, everyone in my family has such awesome talents. We'd be super rich if people paid us for our talents. My brother, Evan has been in a few bands. Endure ... see more >>

DeWalt power tools – operational safety tips

This is a guest post by Abbas at Power Tool World. DeWalt is a globally respected brand in the invention and production of power tools used widely in manufacturing, woodworking and construction industries. Since the invention of the radial arm saw in 1936 by Raymond E. DeWalt, the company has developed extensively having more than ... see more >>

Still at McDonald’s

Okay everyone, prepare yourselves for a vent fest. Here I go. We are definitely frustrated with Cox Cable right now. Yep, I'm throwing their name out there in hopes that they will finally get their act together and give the oil to the squeaky wheel: us. We've been waiting on them to get our internet hooked up for almost a week ... see more >>

Zip It, Zip It Good

Hey everyone, I just wanted to let you know that I did a guest post for Megan over at The Thread Affect. It's about my first sewing experience with a zipper! I don't want to give any more away... Go check it out: Zip it, Zip it Good Megan has an awesome blog, so while you're there, you should browse around some of her ... see more >>

Recent Adventures Part Three

So, we still don't have internet. Because our apartment is on the alley, they are having trouble verifying our location. We had to put some numbers on the house in the back alley side and also some numbers on the mailbox in front on the street. Hopefully we'll get internet soon because I'm getting tired of going to McDonald's to blog, ... see more >>

Recent Adventures Part Two

So, we're at the beach bungalow doing repairs. Everything's going as smoothly as it can go when it comes to home repairs :) So far we got a new kitchen faucet which is amazing, and I've been using a vinegar and baking soda mixture to get rid of the cigarette ash remnants, and it's working marvelously! The place is looking better ... see more >>

The Investment of Home Security

This is a guest post by Dylan Johnson at People want to be safe in their homes. The best way to do this is to invest in some home security. Everywhere people are tightening their belts financially. This investment is often seen as just another expense. Getting a security system is actually a great way to save ... see more >>

Recent Adventures

Yesterday we moved to our new crappy beach bungalow. Driving the cats over was fun. I decided to let them out of the cage during the drive. They wandered around the car looking out the window, not knowing their fate that lied ahead. Cats aren't as trusting as dogs. When you take a dog for a car ride they say, "oh, where do I get to ... see more >>