Which Yellow Should We Choose?

Check out our last post in the Shed Series. Well, the consensus is that we should paint the door to our shed yellow, and I'm all for it! I'm not used to stepping outside of the box as far as color goes, but I'm ready. When you paint a wall or door, you can always repaint it if you get sick of it. It's an easy change. So there's really ... see more >>

Yostie Blog Award – Our Cozy Cubbyhole

This week's Yostie Award goes to Erika at Our Cozy Cubbyhole. Currently in Los Angeles, Erika is such a fun girl with a cool taste in style. She has a wonderful boyfriend and a cute little doggie name Bo. Erika blogs mostly about her cool creations, design endeavors, and life's goings-on. Here are two of my favorite recent posts ... see more >>

Shed and Walkway Before and After

Beach Bungalow Time Click here for previous Shed progress. Click here for previous walkway progress. To paint the shed, we chose a gray color called Seal Grey. Yep, that's grey with an 'e'. Everyone has their own preference for spelling the word gray, and I like to use the 'a' spelling. It seems that Glidden likes to use the 'e' version. ... see more >>

6 Renovation Ideas to Make Your Home a Beautiful One

This is a guest post by Tanya Carlton. Renovating or remodeling your house not only enhances the beauty of your house but also adds liveliness and a positive appeal to your homes ambience. Renovation is not a onetime process. You need to makeover from time to time. You need to take care of certain things like flooring, painting and decorating ... see more >>

Figuring Out Our Patio Area

Beach Bungalow Time This is a sponsored post. So, we have a small yard and I kinda wanted your opinion on what to do: The fence is an interesting orange color and there are some haphazard stepping stones in place to make a kind of patio area. There's also a nice fig tree, but the branches come out kind of low, so it doesn't ... see more >>

Creating a Wider Walkway for Just $10

Beach Bungalow Time We have this problem: Our ugly screen opens so that in order to go around it you have to walk in the dirt. It's very inconvenient. And I don't like dirt being tracked inside. Who does? The ugly screen is a whole other problem, which we'll tackle on another day. But for now, let's create a cleaner walkway. So ... see more >>

New Beautiful Stairs with Before and After Photos

Before we get on into the finished project of our new stairs, let's recap. First we wanted to smooth the walls before we did anything else. Once the stairs were gone, it would be really hard to do things high up on the walls, and once the new stairs were built, we didn't want to make a mess, so we did most of the dirty work before ... see more >>

DIY Date – Washi Tape

Louise from Laid Off Mom is hosting a DIY Date. She picks the medium, then you make a project (no matter how big or small, lame or awesome). Then you blog about it and link up so everyone can see what everyone else did! Click here for the details of this DIY Date. This DIY Date's medium is Washi Tape. You can read Louise's post ... see more >>

Top 5 Things about Halogen Ovens

Why Halogen Ovens are Preferable Over Traditional Ovens This is a guest post by Angelina Jennifers. Cooking technology has undergone numerous changes in recent years. Gone are the times when people had to look for an open fire in order to carry on with any kind of roasting. Time has changed and the most recent development in the ... see more >>

Our Shed is Up and Running

Beach Bungalow Time Check out our last post in the Shed Series. We finished building our beach bungalow shed so we have a place to store some of our stuff. Here's a look at some of the process. Here's the spot where we were going to put our shed: Then I got set up: Building on the solid rock: Measure twice: Cut ... see more >>