Going Crazy with Project Ideas

Have you ever felt like you have waaaaaaaaaaaay too much on your to-do list? I do! Specifically right now. Ever since we moved into the Beach Bungalow, my head has been swarming with ideas. Not just on fixing the beach bungalow to make it more like home, but all kinds of things that I never would have thought of before. And I would ... see more >>

Weird Funny License Plates

So I recently decided to write down whenever I saw a weird license plate. Recently, I've seen MESHUGI and MAMUCHI, and one of my friends saw NILBOG. Nilbog is actually goblin spelled backwards, and it's a town in a really awesome cult followed movie called Troll 2. Troll 1 has nothing to do with Troll 2. If you want to see it, watch ... see more >>

Banana Trees Need Roots

Beach Bungalow Time I've been planning on transplanting some of our banana tree to other parts of the yard because it has taken over the side of our house: You can't even walk back there anymore, and I have plans for that space... I researched how to divide a banana tree and replant it in a different place, and here is the ... see more >>

Our Process For Choosing Floor Tiles

Back when we redid our master bathroom, we obviously had a few choices to make, as would anybody doing a major bathroom remodel. One of the main features of the bathroom was going to be the tile, since it would cover about two thirds of the space. We not only needed floor tiles, we also needed the tile to go up the walls of the ... see more >>

The Good, the Bad, and the Perma-Boot312

This is a guest post by Andrew Clement. My dad has been a roofing contractor for the last 30 years so it’s only natural that I look at houses differently. While a normal kid would notice a freshly painted garage door, I’m always looking up at the roof. Are the shingles in good shape? Is the chimney properly flashed? You might find ... see more >>

Awesome Blogs We Love in August

Taking Care of Business: We've Been Featured Lindsey from The Daily Me notified me that she was going to be posting a washi tape inspiration post today and she was including my DIY washi tape martinelli bottles! Check out Lindsey's Washi Tape Inspiration and Giveaway! August Sponsor Our August spotlight sponsor is Shower Doors ... see more >>

Will Renovate For Fun

This is a sponsored post. Kyle and I have lots of interests, but we love renovating. It is definitely one of our passions. We like to take something that is ugly and make it pretty. We like to take things that are broken and make them work again. We like to make things more functional, more beautiful, and more logical. We like to do ... see more >>

Breaking Through a Brick Wall – Front Yard Part One

Home Remodel Time Before we even finished the stairs, we got to working on the yard. It was winter so we knew it would be a lot easier to work in the cool weather than in the 90-100 degree weather we typically have in the summer. Also, it would be better to plant things in the late winter/early spring so that the plants could get all ... see more >>

Take Your Inside Outside This Summer

This is a guest post by Kathryn Thompson. Contrary to the iron-grey ceiling permanently suspended above our heads, which is insisting upon mercilessly chucking cold water at us (depending on where you live) – summer is here! The good news is that better weather is on its way and you’ll finally be able to spend longer than ten ... see more >>

Revamping Old Plastic Patio Chairs

Kyle's parents were nice enough to store some of our stuff at their house while we lived in our small apartment for the last year. We went from having a 3 bedroom house on a quarter acre, to a one bedroom apt with no yard. So now that we have a little yard area, we have some room for a table, chairs and BBQ! Kyle's parents were also ... see more >>