Golden Rules When Cleaning the House

This is a guest post by Ella. Although cleaning the house is necessary for all, it's actually a matter of personal choice. Do not worry about other people's standards. Determine what the definition 'clean' means to you and maintain the home according to this definition. Remember that the most essential rule is to use your time efficiently. ... see more >>

Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop

I'm super excited because Katherine at Katherine's Corner is allowing me to co-host her blog hop today! Each week she hosts the Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop and has a new co-host to host the linky party with her! So link up your most recent cool blog post, add an image, and then make sure you visit Katherine's corner and follow ... see more >>

Home Depot Giftcard Giveaway by CouponCabin

We are proud to announce that we are hosting a giveaway brought to you by!!! UPDATE: GIVEAWAY HAS ENDED. THE WINNER WAS ANNOUNCED HERE. As you all know, we're huge lovers and shoppers of Home Depot, and who doesn't love Home Depot money? We sure do. So we were stoked when CouponCabin contacted us to let us know ... see more >>

Let There Be Baby Birds

I just came across some really awesome pictures that magnify the beauty of life. Back at our old house, in March of 2010, Kyle discovered a nest and some eggs in my fern plant which was hanging in our front porch area. Then about 2 weeks later they hatched! Yep, those little furry things are baby birds, folks! And then ... see more >>

5 Simple Tips for Greener Living

If you’re like a lot of people, you might not think there’s much you can do to help improve the planet. After all what influence does a single person have on a grander system of pollution? Tons. For decades people have deferred and excused themselves of their environmental responsibility and have instead blamed pollution on factories, ... see more >>

Beaded Wooden Cross Necklace – DIY Date #2

Louise from Laid Off Mom set up another DIY date for us and this time the medium was beads. We could do whatever we wanted, it just had to include beads. And since this was Louise's birthday month, she thought it would be cool that whatever we create, we give to someone else. I had these bracelets that I got from the 99cent store, ... see more >>

Child-Proofing Home Safety Tips

This is a sponsored guest post by Protection 1. While focusing on remodeling your home to make it more comfortable, attractive and valuable, it is important to ensure that you are also creating a safe environment for your family. Whether you have a house full of toddlers or a full house of teenagers, there are a variety of simple steps ... see more >>

Planting Bushes, Trees, and Grass

Home Remodel Time After creating a larger dirt filled area for our future lawn, we planted a few plants, a tree, and some grass seed. And in a couple weeks, grass started growing! It was so exciting to see those little green stems pop up everywhere. Obviously (as most people are when they plant grass seed for the first ... see more >>

Finished the Patio

Beach Bungalow Time About a month ago, I talked about ideas for the patio. Well, now it's finally done! Before we get started, let me show you what the yard looked like before we moved in: Ugly trash cans: Disheveled patio stones: Who wants to sit out here? Not me: We moved the trash cans to their appropriate ... see more >>

Cutting Down a Palm Tree

Home Remodel Time We're back on the front yard of our home remodel of the home we owned from 2008-2011. After we broke down part of the wall in the front yard, we Kyle had to get rid of this palm tree: Why, you ask? Well, to put it simply, we just weren't feelin' it. It just didn't belong, and it was right smack dab in the middle ... see more >>