Call Me Maybe Parody

Have you ever seen the movie Garden State? You know the part at the funeral where the lady sings "Once, Twice, Three times a lady"? Well, I love to sing that in that voice. It is my old lady voice. So, to add to the many Call Me Maybe parodies, I created my own little video. In my old lady voice (the old lady voice fades a bit toward ... see more >>

How Custom Hinges Can Transform Your Home and Garden

This is a sponsored guest post by Ella Mason. Now, I know that when I pose the word ‘hinges’ to you, I bet you’re all under the same impression that they’re just basic, generic objects that either come are plain, plastic or metal. No matter where you buy them from they all do the same job, right? Wrong. In fact, customized ... see more >>

Cute Handmade Scarf Giveaway!!!

***UPDATE: This Giveaway is now over*** Hey everyone, This week, Vicki at The Domesticated Me is hosting giveaways on her blog to celebrate her one year blogiversary! So exciting! She asked bloggy friends if anyone would be interested in donating to the giveaways and I was so in! So Kyle and I made a scarf just in time for you ... see more >>

Destroying a Tile Patio Is So Fun

Home Remodel Time If you need to be updated: Here is a link to previous posts about the Front Yard. Once we got most of the yard done, Kyle got started on the front patio because we did not like it. This was a lot of hard work, and it was really hot. It took about 2 days (a few hours each day to complete), ... see more >>

5 Tips to Give Your Home Office that Extra Professional Touch

This is a sponsored guest post by Lori. We no longer work in a traditional workforce, where employees roll into the office early in the morning and return home to their family at night. These days, more and more people work directly from their home and a home office is an absolute must in order to create a professional atmosphere. ... see more >>

Create Your Own Painted Magnet Craft – DIY Date #3

lol, you may have come over here earlier and saw that this post was blank. I wrote the title and scheduled it to be published, but that was it, and I forgot to write the post! haha. oops! So here it is. This week's DIY Date, hosted by Louise at is all about giving back to those less fortunate. Kids at St. Jude Hospital. ... see more >>

New Luxurious Sheets for the Bed

I'm typically very minimalistic and not materialistic at all. When most people (including Kyle) think I "need a new fill-in-the-blank," I say, "Oh no, it's fine." I feel bad whenever I purchase something new because there are many people in the world who are not able to just go out and buy a replacement when something breaks or gets worn ... see more >>

Painted Wood Planters

Home Remodel Time Catch up on the front yard posts: Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Part Four | Part Five And Now Here's Part 6. Finished the fence toward the top, and also painted the hill planter, and planted wild flowers (not growing yet): And instead of keeping it like this... ...We got rid of the ugly chain ... see more >>

Bike Video Experiment

Hey everyone, I had this idea on a whim, so I thought I'd try it out. This is my first "artsy" video I've ever made. I used one camera and switched it around to different locations to get different angles/perspectives. It took me about 15 minutes to shoot it and put together on windows movie maker. I ride my bike a lot these days. ... see more >>

They’re Gonna Make It Afterall

Beach Bungalow Time Update on the banana trees. Click here to see my last post about our banana trees. They have been growing sprouts of new leaves! yay! I'm so glad because I didn't want them to die. My dad told me to take off the dead leaves so they're not draining the tree of any excess energy. Then after a few weeks and lots ... see more >>