Clothespins Around the Home

Today's Guest Post Is by Louise from Laid Off Mom! Hi Everyone! I’m Louise over at Laid Off Mom, and I’m extremely honored to be house sitting here at One House One Couple for Lisha & Kyle while they’re away on vacay. Lisha was one of the first bloggy blog friends that I made when I first started my blog, so when she asked ... see more >>

DIY Ikat Pumpkin

Today's Guest Post Is by Maria from Redecorate! Hi, there! I’m Maria and I am the author of the blog Redecorate – a place where I write about all things DIY, home décor, and interior design. :-) I want to say thanks so much to Lisha and Kyle for asking me to blog here today! I have a fun Fall project for you, and if you ... see more >>

Gluten-Free Banana Bread Recipe

Today's Guest Post Is by Heather from Chasing Butterflies! Hey there! I’m so excited to have been asked to guest blog here at One House One Couple. I know you all miss Lisha terribly, but I’ll try to get you through another day until she is back! My name is Heather and I live in my own little world over here at Chasing Butterflies. ... see more >>

DIY Sharpie Dishtowel

Today's Guest Post Is by Brandi from His Shabby Her Chic! Hey there One House One Couple readers! I'm Brandi and I blog over at His Shabby Her Chic. I blog all about crafts, decor, and my life with my boyfriend Kevin and our two dogs, Bot and Izzie. So feel free to stop on by and check things out. And a humongous thanks to Kyle ... see more >>

Best Craigslist Deal Ever

First up: Amy from Woodlawn Lane! Hi there! My name is Amy and I am stopping by from Woodlawn Lane to tell you about my new old TV stand! I am SO excited about this piece, and when Lisha asked if I were interested in guest posting, I jumped at the chance to shout my new favorite furniture find from the rooftops, so to speak. (Compared ... see more >>

How to Decorate a Living Room for a Traditional Look

This is a guest post by Every era has a special feel attached to it. A traditional style of décor has a classic ambiance about it. To create this time honored look is a pleasure in itself. The gorgeous atmosphere of the by-gone period can be aptly created for your living room with the elegant furniture pieces ... see more >>

Homemade Catnip Toys for Cats

Since Kyle and I were leaving the cats behind with our pet sitters, I knew they would miss us, so I decided to make some little gifts for them that I know they would love! I gave it to them early, and I was right! I made some homemade catnip toys! I got some fabric and cut it into rectangles (doesn't have to be perfect at all, you ... see more >>

Free Ugly Alley Chair Transformed

Beach Bungalow Time I love free stuff when it's something I can actually use, or something I can make my own. Someone was giving away a pair of wooden chairs in our back alley, so I snatched those babies right up. Here is one before: It was dirty yes, but nothing a bit of scrubbing and sanding couldn't solve! I decided to ... see more >>

Yard Work Tools and Equipment

This post will be relevant to you if you have a yard, if you're a landscaper, and/or you live in Kentucky. We know what it's like to go from an apartment to a huge lot. You don't have any rakes, shovels, or lawn mowers to take care of your new yard. So, in comes the new expense. But I can't tell you how nice it is to have a yard to ... see more >>

3 Signs That Your Insulation Sucks

This is a sponsored guest post by Jane. Insulation is what keeps your home from maintaining the same temperature as the outdoors. Depending on where you live and what time of year it is, this can be very important. However, not all insulation is made equal and some homes are much better insulated than others. These are some signs that ... see more >>