Cool Artwork and Signed Posters For Sale

Check out my sister's ebay. She has some awesome stuff up right now which will go fast. Star Trek photo signed by the cast. Other Star Trek posters, cute Paris art prints, and the Simpsons. Check them out now :) She needs financial support right now and prayer for her current pregnancy (for her baby to be a miracle/healthy). Thanks ... see more >>

Hip and Modern Home Decor

I have a really cool site to tell you about. It's They have home decor flash sales of lots of really cool random stuff that you can decorate your house with. It's mostly modern items that are unique with a huge sense of style. You do need to create an account to see prices and buy the things you want. But without an ... see more >>

Got Metal?

Today I got a comment asking what kind of roofing is the best for greener living, and told them that my own personal opinion is that metal roofing is the best because you won't have to replace it like you would with any other type of roofing. And now I'm going to share with you about a company that sells metal supplies, some of which ... see more >>

Okay so I dressed up…

Hey everyone, wanted to give you a quick glimpse of my costume I put together the other day. I was an old lady: I've dressed as this many years and I think I might have to do something different next time... I painted on some wrinkles and tried to make my skin more pale, but I didn't really have the right make up on hand for this. ... see more >>

Chair Two, First Coat

Beach Bungalow Time Awhile back, I told you about how I found these two chairs in the alley that someone was giving away for free (just to clarify, there was a sign that said "FREE" next to them). So of course, I hopped right on that and drug them over to my yard. I knew immediately that I wanted to have them be extra seating in the ... see more >>

Adorning Bland Towels with Fab Fabric

I bought a 4-pack of boring beige towels at Walmart and I knew I wanted to do something with them. They are all a different shade of beige/off white. I got some fabric remnants from my friend Rachel and got to work. Here are my results: You should try it too! Today I'm going to try ... see more >>

Pretty Curtain for the Bathroom

Beach Bungalow Time Okay, so this is the problem we had with our bathroom window before: The neighbors could see in if we didn't put up the tupperware lid, and every time we opened our bedroom door, the pressure from the house would change so the tupperware lid would fall off and make a big noise. So the whole ordeal was just really ... see more >>

Finished Adding Patio Stones

Beach Bungalow Time Like I said the other day, our patio kind of drops off in the back, so anyone sitting in that chair will kinda fall off the edge with the back legs of the chair, and that's not good. So last night (right after I wrote my last post) I got to work putting a few more stepping stones back there. They're not pretty, but ... see more >>

Planting a Palm Tree and How Much to Water Bougainvillea

Beach Bungalow Time So I got this palm tree a few months ago and it's just been sitting in its pot ever since. I finally got around to planting it in the ground in its final resting place. Here is was before: Here is is now: And some more shots from other vantage points. Before: After: Before: After: I ... see more >>

Drilling Holes in a Pot for Proper Water Drainage

Beach Bungalow Time Yesterday I told you I was going to do some work in the yard today, and I kept my promise. First I made some holes in the flower pot by the shed for drainage. Here's the dead plant: I made some holes... ...using this: ...and this: I made one hole in the middle in the bottom, and one a bit ... see more >>