We only share things that we feel you’d value from, whether informationally, or through great products and deals, etc.

Some links in our posts or in our sidebar are affiliate products or ads that we may get paid a bit for in some way.

Some posts are sponsored posts, even some guest posts are sponsored. If we say something like this: “Thanks to so-and-so for helping us keep this blog alive. We couldn’t do it without the help of people like you.” — That means it’s probably a sponsored post or sponsored guest post which means we got paid a smidgen to write and/or publish it. Or it might just mean we were glad to accept the guest post. Either way, we’re happy people are out there willing to contribute.

Like we said above, all of this helps pay for keeping this blog alive because it would be so sad if we couldn’t keep running this blog due to cost, whether that be in terms of time or money.

Thank you so much for your understanding and loyal support!

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