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UFO Featured Project Winner

Great job everyone! You did such a fantastic job getting your butts in gear and finishing your UnFinished Objects! Sorry to any of you who had issues linking up! Hopefully next time the kinks will be figured out! It didn't help that I was out of town when the link party happened. Poor planning! Although, it was my birthday, and I, ... see more >>

UFO DIY Challenge – Medicine Cabinet Turned Open Shelving

Link Party Below!!! These are the rules for the UFO link party: 1. In order to be featured, you MUST have a link on your post back to the party. 2. Do not link to your blog homepage. Link directly to the project you are posting. 3. Please comment on others' projects. It makes everyone feel good! 4. This is for UFO participants. ... see more >>

Reminder. UFO DIY Challenge Link Party May 1-7

Hey everyone, I just wanted to stop in to give you all a quick reminder about the UFO DIY Challenge. I hope you picked your project that you need to complete and you're getting your butt in gear! You have until May 7th to post about it and link up, so you still have just over a week! Even if it's not completely done, you can still ... see more >>

UFO Challenge – My UnFinished Object!

Hey everyone, if you don't already know, I'm co-hosting a huge DIY event: The UFO DIY Challenge! I wanted to present you with my UnFinished Object to get you inspired! I often go over to my friend Rachel's house (who blogs at The Casual Castle) to do some home improvements and teach her how to do some things. Just last week I showed ... see more >>

UFO DIY Challenge – All Are Welcome to Participate!

Click here to see what I chose for my UnFinished Object! I know what you're thinking. What do UFOs have to do with DIY projects? Well, when UFO stands for UnFinished Object, EVERYTHING! I've teamed up with 4 other lovely ladies who are co-hosting this UFO DIY Challenge link party!: Micki from Kim from Joanne ... see more >>