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Back and Sides of Our House – Amazing Before and After Reveal

Home Remodel Time I'm so excited to show you the before and after of the exterior back and sides of our house. I'm basically just going to show it to you through picture and you can just see for yourself all the transformations that took place. We really didn't take too many pictures of the process of this part anyway, so this is pretty ... see more >>

Remodeling Your Garage

This is a guest post by Jerry. Remodeling your garage can give a nice facelift to one of your oft-used but often overlooked rooms in your home; in addition to being able to make more use of your garage, giving it a makeover can also make your garage easier to clean and maintain, as well as eliminate potential pests that infiltrate ... see more >>

Will Renovate For Fun

This is a sponsored post. Kyle and I have lots of interests, but we love renovating. It is definitely one of our passions. We like to take something that is ugly and make it pretty. We like to take things that are broken and make them work again. We like to make things more functional, more beautiful, and more logical. We like to do ... see more >>

Grouting Tile and Installing Toilet and Vanity

Okay, now we're back to the master bathroom. After Kyle was officially done laying the tiles on the main floor part of the bathroom, I grouted the tiles. Laying the tiles is the hard part. Grouting is the easy part (except you can get a blister on your hand from doing it, like me). You need to get some grout: *photo from You ... see more >>

Office Closet Halfway Done

While living in our house, we always had one room that was the junk room. The first room that housed all our excess junk was the office. When we moved in, anything that didn't seem to have a place, we just piled it in the office room. So it looked like this: You could barely walk into the room, not to mention do anything in there. ... see more >>

Laying A Bathroom Tile Floor

Today, we're back in business, getting down to DIYing it again, which is what we love. Yesterday, Kyle and I went to Home Depot, and as we got out of the car I said, "Remember when we used to live here?" And then we walked in and I said, "Oh I just love the smell of Home Depot... All the wood, chemicals, and paint..." Well, I do like ... see more >>

Lowering A Ceiling

Since we moved the toilet in the master bathroom, we also had to make room for the toilet plumbing below the master bathroom. I know I know... You're thinking, "Why would you ever lower a ceiling???" We had to. And luckily, the downstairs bathroom is just below the upstairs one. Not only that, but the downstairs bathroom already ... see more >>

Bathroom Progress and a New Project

On April 21, 2009, I painted the inside of the medicine cabinet for our master bathroom. I did it on the balcony which you can see is being used as a construction site for the time being. While I was doing that, Kyle was framing the shower in the master bathroom: In this photo, you can see that Kyle already started putting ... see more >>

Shower Craziness and Smooth Bathroom Walls

So immediately after Easter, we got crackin' on the bathroom again. By crackin' I mean work. Kyle worked on the shower/pipes/moving the toilet, and I worked on smoothing the walls (which sounds nice and easy but trust me, it's super tedious!) In order to move the shower and toilet, we had to get rid of all the tile floor and clean ... see more >>

January Highlights

So this month, we covered a big span of time as far as our house progress goes. I want to remind any of you who are new, or those who have forgotten, that we are talking about our 3 year long process of remodeling our home, which started in September 2008. We've now made it all the way to April of 2009 in just a little over 2 months. ... see more >>