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How to Grow New Marigold Flowers

Beach Bungalow Time My mom taught me this trick. I'm sure it's a well known trick in the gardening world, but I don't as of yet consider myself to be a part of the gardening world... I'm working on it though and I'm getting better season by season :) I bought a marigold plant about 2 years ago, and after awhile it just died and stopped ... see more >>

The Front Yard of Our Home Remodel – Before and After

Home Remodel Time The front yard of our home remodel definitely took more physical labor than any other project on this house. And that had mainly to do with dirt. Lots and lots of dirt. The hardest part of this project was finding free dirt on craigslist, driving to the location, shoveling tons (literally TONS, as in the weight ... see more >>

Back and Sides of Our House – Amazing Before and After Reveal

Home Remodel Time I'm so excited to show you the before and after of the exterior back and sides of our house. I'm basically just going to show it to you through picture and you can just see for yourself all the transformations that took place. We really didn't take too many pictures of the process of this part anyway, so this is pretty ... see more >>

Added Some Much Needed Curb Appeal to Our “Front” Yard

Beach Bungalow Time As many of you know, we live in an apartment located on an alley that is attached to the main house that someone else is renting. So our front yard is in the alley. But I call everything behind our fence our backyard, and everything on the street part of the alley the front yard. It took us about a year, but we ... see more >>

Kitchen Renovation Day 17 – New Roofing and Siding

Home Remodel Time Since we're basically done with the kitchen (except for the final final reveal) I wanted to go back outside to show you a bit more progress that happened on the exterior of the kitchen. But first, let's go back to the beginning... Here's what our house looked like at first: Then we destroyed the pantry: Then ... see more >>

Spiffing up the Pipe Hiders

Home Remodel Time Yesterday I announced getting back into the swing of things here at the blog, so here I am with our first post back about our Home Remodel (you know, the house we bought, renovated, and sold). Well, after Kyle built the casing to hide the ugly pipes, it didn't quite match the fence it was up against. So we got ... see more >>

Back in Action with Our Flipped Home Remodel Updates

Home Remodel Time I know it's been awhile. I've been working on building one of my many side businesses and this blog has kind of gone to the wayside. Well, I really want to get back into the swing of things and finish telling you about our Home Remodel of the house we bought, renovated, and sold. After all, that was the point of ... see more >>

Designing a Rooftop Garden

This is a guest post by Mike. Rooftop gardens are a fantastic way to take advantage of that otherwise useless space, creating something that’s both aesthetic, eco-friendly and functional. And the good news is that they’re relatively simple to setup. Here are some tips, tricks and considerations you should take into account when ... see more >>

Holding Back Crazy Banana Trees with a Quick Inexpensive Custom Fence

Beach Bungalow Time The weather here has been very cold compared to usual for over the last month. The last two days have been about 70 degrees (that's more like it) but it comes at a price. The air is so dry and arid, and staticky, yuck! But at least I can sit in my house and not turn the heater on during the day, and I can go outside ... see more >>

Playing in the Neighborhood

It's funny because even though I don't have kids, I still recognize the perks to having parks around and kids playing in them. It just makes me happy. I like it when other people are happy. And unless one kid is throwing sand at another kid, usually everyone is happy at the park. That's my cute nephew. He's 4 now. When I was ... see more >>