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Master Bathroom – Check – Before and After

By September 14, 2009, after Kyle installed the shower doors, we were finally finished with the master bathroom makeover. So now we have some before and after photos with descriptions of what we did to transform this bathroom and overall just make it a much more functional and luxurious bathroom (for its size). The after photos were ... see more >>

Installing Beautifully Simple Shower Doors

Shower doors.  We chose to order our shower doors online, mostly because Home Depot did have them in stock.  But before ordering the shower doors or even building the shower, we took measurements to make sure that shower doors were even available in the right size, and ones that we liked.  If you are making a shower from scratch, ... see more >>

Why Doesn’t Kyle Post More?

You may have noticed that Kyle doesn't write for this blog quite as much as I do. In fact, I think he's only written about 3 or 4 posts since the birth of 1house1couple. You see, it was mainly my idea to start the blog. I had been wanting to do it for a long time, but I kept putting it off. Kyle was behind me on it, but he's already ... see more >>

Now All We Need Are Shower Doors

Taking Care of Business: Hey people, before we get started on this post, I wanted to remind you of the Giveaway we're having here! Woo Hoo! Who doesn't love free stuff, right? So head on over and pop in an entry so you have a chance to win! We also have rescheduled the big Bloom into Spring Exchange Reveal posts to Friday 4-20, so ... see more >>

Tile Shower Floor

We've got another master bathroom shower update for you. Here we are on July 18th, 2009. Kyle finally found some time to lay the tile for the shower floor. We used the same smaller tiles that we used for the little stripe across the walls of the shower. First you lay out your tiles to see how they fit. You want it to be even on both ... see more >>

More Shower and A Tiny Lizard

If you're here for the first time, Start at the Beginning. Here are our Shower updates so far: The Old Shower. No Shower. Shower Plumbing. Shower Walls. Shower Tiles Part One.   This is how long it took us to do the entire master bathroom: We started on March 18, 2009, and here we are on June 29th, still not ... see more >>

Master Shower Tile Progress

So, just wanted to give you all a little update on the shower progress. Kyle did most of this, I did help with a couple rows, but I can't take much credit for it turning out so well. For now, this is how far along we were on the shower by June 9th, 2009.   This is going to be my side of the shower: This is going to be ... see more >>

Mirror Mirror On The Wall

So we attacked the mirror situation pretty fast because it wasn't hard to do. I decided I wanted a big mirror that took up almost all the space in front of the vanity. So we went to home depot and got a plain mirror. We got some trim to go around it. We chose a simple white frame. Kyle glued the mirror on and I put up the trim. Don't ... see more >>

Grouting Tile and Installing Toilet and Vanity

Okay, now we're back to the master bathroom. After Kyle was officially done laying the tiles on the main floor part of the bathroom, I grouted the tiles. Laying the tiles is the hard part. Grouting is the easy part (except you can get a blister on your hand from doing it, like me). You need to get some grout: *photo from You ... see more >>

Concrete Board Up on the Shower

Kyle here, my turn again. I am going to explain part of the process of tiling a shower. It is a lot of work to tile a whole shower but it looks really nice and makes the bathroom feel more luxurious. Take your time and make sure you do a lot of planning. In this picture you can see the shelf for soap and shampoo bottles.  I made ... see more >>