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One Year Anniversary Day 4

Hey everyone, if you actually read 1house1couple, you know that Kyle and I are currently in our 4th year of marriage, but right now, here at the blog, we're talking about things that happened in the past. Right now we're in July of 2009, when we celebrated our 1 year anniversary. I'm sure that's confusing to all of you, but this is how ... see more >>

One Year Anniversary Day Three

First I want to update you on the Bloom into Spring Exchange. For those who joined, everyone should have received an email with their partner. You gotta email that person and give them your address. Then you go out shopping. Don't spend more than $15 (before shipping). Get your favorite item(s) that remind you of spring. Send your ... see more >>

One Year Anniversary Day Two

Back to our 1 year Anniversary Trip. Click here to see Day One. Now we're on day two. Just to recap, Kyle and I celebrated our one year anniversary (July 12, 2009) by going camping on the beach in Malibu. It was super fun. I made some videos, one for each day of our trip, kind of as a tribute. Day One, we only took pictures, but ... see more >>

One Year Anniversary Day One

It's amazing how fast the first year of marriage goes by. It's always exciting when a couple makes it to their one year anniversary. It's like a big accomplishment these days! lol! Kyle and I got married on July 12, 2008. Then we had to get legally married again on July 14th because somehow our marriage certificate got lost. But we ... see more >>

How We Do Our Magic

Hey everyone, Today I wanted to simply let everyone now how we go about magically transforming our house the way we do, and talk a bit about how Kyle and I work together. We know you are all in awe of how fast we can accomplish things, but it's because we're publishing posts with pictures about things we did almost 3 years ago. So, ... see more >>

One House One Couple

Welcome to One House One Couple. It only takes one handy couple to fix an ugly house! We are Kyle and Lisha Yost of San Diego, CA. We got married July 12, 2008 on a beautiful sunny day in Dana Point, CA. Here's a picture of us on our honeymoon: Awww... don't we look so happy? We purchased our first home in August of 2008. Here's ... see more >>