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Kitchen Renovation Finished Project with Before and After Photos

Home Remodel Time Well, it's been 39 months since we sold the house, and 15 months since I wrote our last update post on our kitchen renovation of the house we remodeled, but I'm finally back to show you all the finished product of our kitchen! This is also kind of a before and after of our living room and dining room too. Click here ... see more >>

The Front Yard of Our Home Remodel – Before and After

Home Remodel Time The front yard of our home remodel definitely took more physical labor than any other project on this house. And that had mainly to do with dirt. Lots and lots of dirt. The hardest part of this project was finding free dirt on craigslist, driving to the location, shoveling tons (literally TONS, as in the weight ... see more >>

Back and Sides of Our House – Amazing Before and After Reveal

Home Remodel Time I'm so excited to show you the before and after of the exterior back and sides of our house. I'm basically just going to show it to you through picture and you can just see for yourself all the transformations that took place. We really didn't take too many pictures of the process of this part anyway, so this is pretty ... see more >>

The Backyard of Our Home Remodel – Before and After

Home Remodel Time Kicking it back into high gear... well, sort of. I've been so overwhelmed lately, so I'm hoping to get into a groove where I post about once a week here, and try to stick to "Home Remodel" "Beach Bungalow" and other personal interesting topics about our life from here on out. So I'm just going to get right back into ... see more >>

Kitchen Renovation Day 17 – New Roofing and Siding

Home Remodel Time Since we're basically done with the kitchen (except for the final final reveal) I wanted to go back outside to show you a bit more progress that happened on the exterior of the kitchen. But first, let's go back to the beginning... Here's what our house looked like at first: Then we destroyed the pantry: Then ... see more >>

Kitchen Remodel Day 16 – Countertop Installed

Home Remodel Time Today's a big day. Because a kitchen doesn't look or function like a kitchen without a countertop. And these countertops are my favorite on the whole planet. Not only are they one of the more affordable choices that look nice, but it also functions and feels better than any other type of countertop material in my opinion. ... see more >>

Kitchen Remodel Day 15 – Mood Lighting

Home Remodel Time We already had 3 recessed lights in the ceiling of the kitchen, but we definitely needed to add a couple other lighting touches. For one thing, the island definitely needed something. So we found some really cool pendant lights at our favorite home improvement warehouse: It was a little difficult to get those babies ... see more >>

Kitchen Remodel Day 14 – Upper Cabinets

Home Remodel Time Kyle and I are about to head on out for a 4 day excursion to Santa Cruz to see one of my favorite college friends get hitched with a great guy! So before we go, I wanted to give you another kitchen remodel post. After we installed the base cabinets, we Kyle put up the upper cabinets, and we created the microwave ... see more >>

Kitchen Remodel Day 11, 12, & 13 – Mudding Drywall and Installing Lower Cabinets

Home Remodel Time On Kitchen Remodel Day 11, we mudded the cracks between the drywall and also the nails/screws. On Kitchen Remodel Day 12 and 13, we bought our first load of cabinets and installed all the base cabinets. This cabinet in the foreground of this pic is the only cabinet I actually installed myself (haha!). : Kyle ... see more >>

Kitchen Remodel Day 9 & 10 – Drywall And Freakazoid Electrical Work

Home Remodel Time On Day 9 & 10 of our Kitchen Remodel, I did a lot of drywall work while Kyle dealt with some major electrical issues. Exibit A: Exibit A closer up: So I think you get a good idea of what Kyle was dealing with here. *Remember, always make sure your electricity is turned off before you touch any electrical ... see more >>