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How to Get Christmas Tree Sap Off Your Hands And Other Holiday Shinanigans

Beach Bungalow Time Kyle and I have been doing a few holiday things lately. First, we stayed home for Thanksgiving. Sometimes big family gatherings can get a bit overwhelming. So, let's just say it was a very peaceful Thanksgiving for us. We stayed home and watched cheesy holiday movies and went on a walk to the beach before making our ... see more >>

Let The Bathroom Eat Paint

Hi lovely people, I hope you enjoyed the Superbowl yesterday. I was lame and didn't even start watching it until halfway through the 3rd quarter. I'm just not obsessed with football. In the past I would always get excited for the Superbowl, just because it's an exciting event. But when you have a lot going on in life, you just don't ... see more >>

Master Bedroom – Check

Okay everyone, it's 10:38pm on Thursday January 19th, and I'm finally getting around to writing this blog post. I have this problem where I procrastinate all day and save everything I really HAVE to do for the time when I'd like to be in bed with my hubby watching t.v. on on our laptop. But no. Instead, I'm at our dining room ... see more >>

The Sweet Smell of Christmas Cookies

Today I'd like to give out some more Blogger Love to our commenters/readers and such. Here are the lovely people (and their blogs) who have given 1house1couple the blogging love we so desire (this is in no particular order): Shannon - Christina - Janet - Kendall Rachel ... see more >>

2008 Halloween Special

Well, now that Christmas is over we're going to do our Halloween special to get started on this week's posts. I actually had these pictures scheduled to go up last week, but I really didn't want to taint Christmas week! So, yeah... Halloween in December? What? Oh well, this is how it goes when you're talking about something that happened ... see more >>

Creating Something Out of Something

Howdy, pawdnahs! So today's a kind of short post to close up our history of September 2008. First I wanted to share with you our first picnic on our balcony which took place on 9-27-08:         Then the weekend came and we broke down the exterior wall in our master bedroom (as you saw ... see more >>

Homing it ALL Up

Now that we got all our stuff over to our house, we had to do some "homing it up" (making our house feel a bit more like home, or at least livable anyway). So the next day, we just kind of put stuff in its place. And we didn't exactly finish by the time these photos were taken: *Please note, I'm better with construction than I am with ... see more >>