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Eleven Things

Woo hoo! I got tagged by Shannon over at the awesome Bungalow960 to do an Eleven Things Post. These things always seem so daunting to me, but I'm always up for a challenge! And look below for who I tagged! THE RULES: 1. Post these rules. 2. Post a photo of yourself and 11 random things. 3. Answer the questions set for you in the ... see more >>

Belated House Warming Party

It was time for my birthday, and since we had the house, we now had the space for a party, so I wanted to host an official house warming party/birthday party. It was my 25th birthday, so it was kind of a big deal ;) quarter of a century. yep. sounds older when you say it like that. My birthday is on May 6th (if any of you want to get ... see more >>

If I could… Lisha’s survey

I found this survey on Meagan's blog Local At last. So I thought I'd bring it on over to 1house1couple so you guys can get to know me a bit more. Tomorrow, Kyle's gonna do this survey too, so you can learn more about him! This should be fun. Now let's dive in! If I could live anywhere in the US... I haven't been everywhere, but I do ... see more >>

No work day, track day.

Hey guys, it's Kyle again... remember me? Sometimes we need to have fun and take a little vacation for a day. For me, it was a track day. First let me define what a track day is. A company or business will rent a race track for the day. Then this company will sell admission. You get to bring your motorcycle to the race track and ride ... see more >>

Easter in San Clemente

My mom and that side of  my family lives in San Clemente. That's where I was born. For Easter in 2009, we celebrated at my grandma's house (my mom's mom). So I have a bunch of pictures to show you, so I'm going to introduce you to some new people. From left to right: Evan (brother), Ryan (brother), Tyler (nephew (my sister Yasna's ... see more >>

What to Quad When You’re Quadding

So we took a break from DIY stuff to go with Kyle's parents to the desert and ride quads around. This was my first time doing it and I was pretty scared at first (I thought I would just topple over any time I hit a rock), but those things are pretty sturdy, and once I got used to it, it was really fun. The quads are all lined up and ... see more >>

Hit the Flight Deck

So after we finished the master bedroom, we took a break and went to the USS Midway museum located in Downtown San Diego. So today we're going to give you a little tour of that. First we ate some lunch at Lil Piggy's BBQ in Coronado.       Then we took the ferry from Coronado to Embarcadero.     The ... see more >>

Sea Lions, and Tiger Sharks, and Polar Bears Oh My

If you're here for the first time, you have to check out the Ugly House Tour Part One. On January 12, 2009, we went to Sea World, courtesy of Kyle's parents. They got us annual passes for Christmas, so we got started right away on that to get our "money's" worth. While we may not have gotten pictures of tiger sharks and polar bears ... see more >>

All for Fun and Fun for All

Today's going to be a more fun post. I think the month of September was overwhelming for us. Even though we really didn't do a whole lot, it was our first experience with demolition and construction and whatnot, so I decided that we needed to have some fun times. First, one day when Kyle had work and I had the day off, my friend Rachel ... see more >>