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How to Get Christmas Tree Sap Off Your Hands And Other Holiday Shinanigans

Beach Bungalow Time Kyle and I have been doing a few holiday things lately. First, we stayed home for Thanksgiving. Sometimes big family gatherings can get a bit overwhelming. So, let's just say it was a very peaceful Thanksgiving for us. We stayed home and watched cheesy holiday movies and went on a walk to the beach before making our ... see more >>

What’s in Our Purse?

Since I'm kinda going through an emotional time right now, I decided to do something fun and easy for today. I've been seeing this on various blogs lately and thought it would be fun to post what Kyle and I always bring with us everywhere we go. Obviously, Kyle doesn't have a purse, and like most guys, he doesn't feel the need to bring ... see more >>

Why Doesn’t Kyle Post More?

You may have noticed that Kyle doesn't write for this blog quite as much as I do. In fact, I think he's only written about 3 or 4 posts since the birth of 1house1couple. You see, it was mainly my idea to start the blog. I had been wanting to do it for a long time, but I kept putting it off. Kyle was behind me on it, but he's already ... see more >>

Versatile Blogger Award

Before we talk about the Versatile Blogger Award, I wanted to first make sure you knew about the Free Gift that we're giving away. Fish Foam has offered to send their fun foamy glass cleaner to 3 lucky winners, all you have to do is comment, and there are 8 ways to add extra entries if you want, so head on over and get yourself your free ... see more >>

A Sunset Cliffs Secret

Part 2 of Kyle's 28th Birthday Celebration So, not many people know about this awesome beach location (you can tell by how few people are found there on any given day). I know about it because it was just off of the college I went to PLNU. Here it is on the map: I'm not one to be on display, but I didn't have any pictures of ... see more >>

The Urban Jungle… Literally

July 20, 2009 rolled around, and Kyle actually had his 28th birthday off work! So we did 3 fun things that day. The first thing was Kyle wanted to go see this "river" that ran right along the freeway. It's more like a trickling stream (especially in July). You can't see the river from the freeway, but Kyle heard about it from one of his ... see more >>

Fostering Cats Becomes Owning More Cats

Getting around to a post on a "lazy" friday afternoon. I'm very proud of myself because I just made something really awesome for my Bloom into Spring Exchange partner. I said it before and I'll say it again: I'm not exactly a sewing expert. However, this came out really good! I'm not going to reveal it now because that's my partner's ... see more >>

One Year Anniversary Day 4

Hey everyone, if you actually read 1house1couple, you know that Kyle and I are currently in our 4th year of marriage, but right now, here at the blog, we're talking about things that happened in the past. Right now we're in July of 2009, when we celebrated our 1 year anniversary. I'm sure that's confusing to all of you, but this is how ... see more >>

Taking Care of Business at 1house1couple

Hey everyone, This is our update about everything happening at 1house1couple. Bloom into Spring Exchange If you joined the Spring exchange, you should have received a message from Meagan. If you didn't please let me know. Also, if you don't remember the rules, go here. Just FYI, partners are top secret until the big reveal on everyone's ... see more >>

One Year Anniversary Day Three

First I want to update you on the Bloom into Spring Exchange. For those who joined, everyone should have received an email with their partner. You gotta email that person and give them your address. Then you go out shopping. Don't spend more than $15 (before shipping). Get your favorite item(s) that remind you of spring. Send your ... see more >>