The following articles were authored by Kyle

Three Plumbing Tools Needed to Get the Job Done

Basic plumbing can be an easy job if you have the right tools. There are three basic tools that are needed for most plumbing jobs. The Pipe Wrench A pipe wrench is first on the plumbing tools list. You can use a pipe wrench for both metal pipes and PVC pipes. Since a pipe wrench is adjustable, one is all that's normally needed. ... see more >>

Smooth walls before new stairs

I know Lisha's been confusing you with talk about our new apartment by the beach, but for now, we still have a house project to reveal. So, now, we're taking a step back to October 2009. Here is our staircase.  Awesome isn't it.  Well, it will be when it's done, but first thing's first.  We need to smooth the walls.  All that texture ... see more >>

Installing Beautifully Simple Shower Doors

Shower doors.  We chose to order our shower doors online, mostly because Home Depot did have them in stock.  But before ordering the shower doors or even building the shower, we took measurements to make sure that shower doors were even available in the right size, and ones that we liked.  If you are making a shower from scratch, ... see more >>

Shower Doors to Die For

Welcome featured sponsor,  They are our sponsor for the month of May.  A beautiful shower is nothing with out great shower doors, and why not get them for a steal at There are many shower doors to choose from in all price ranges. If you are thinking about getting shower doors, or just want ... see more >>

If I could… Kyle’s Survey

Lisha told me we're doing this survey thing, so here we go... If I could live anywhere in the US... It would be here in San Diego, just in a nicer neighborhood. If I were to have more children... I would freak out, since we don't have any kids and don't want any. They are such a big responsibility and are a lot of work. If I ... see more >>

Concrete Board Up on the Shower

Kyle here, my turn again. I am going to explain part of the process of tiling a shower. It is a lot of work to tile a whole shower but it looks really nice and makes the bathroom feel more luxurious. Take your time and make sure you do a lot of planning. In this picture you can see the shelf for soap and shampoo bottles.  I made ... see more >>

No work day, track day.

Hey guys, it's Kyle again... remember me? Sometimes we need to have fun and take a little vacation for a day. For me, it was a track day. First let me define what a track day is. A company or business will rent a race track for the day. Then this company will sell admission. You get to bring your motorcycle to the race track and ride ... see more >>

Redneck Monster Truck Fun

Hi everyone, it's Kyle, the other half of one couple (the one on the left).  It's my turn to give Lisha a little break, so I will tell you about our trip to see the monster trucks at the statium.  I work at our local motorcycle shop while I am not fixing up our house, and sometimes we get free tickets to an event at the statium.  So ... see more >>