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Home Organization: Challenge Accepted

Hey everyone. Lisha here. This is a guest post from my new bloggie friend, Megan. She's sharing some awesome DIY stuff about her life. Enjoy! Greetings, readers of One House One Couple! My name is Megan and I have a little website called Rental Revival. My blog is all about making your home feel more like you, one easy ... see more >>

7 Ways to Make a Home Energy Efficient for Less

By Tali Wee of Zillow. Hey everyone! Lisha here. Today we have a guest blogger from the home and realty site! Kyle and I use zillow a lot when looking up homes for sale online. It's definitely one of the best sites. We like it especially because you can view all listings map-style so you know you're looking at homes in the ... see more >>

How to Find the Perfect First Home for You

This is a guest post by Ella. Finding your first home is not always as easy as you think it might be. There are so many things to consider when you are looking for the first home, the area, the number of bedrooms even the color of the bricks that has constructed the house. The first home carries a lot of sentimentality and it is essential ... see more >>

Living For Less – Make Your House Pay For Itself

This is a guest post by Ella. We all want to save money around the home but what if your home could pay for itself? Here are a few ways to save some money, generate your own electricity and live a greener life as a result. Wind Power Buying a small windmill for your home can vary in cost and you have to be in the right part of ... see more >>

How to Keep Safe During Summer Heat Waves

This is a guest post. It's summer time, so get ready for the heat with these tips on staying safe and cool this summer! Summer heat is tougher on the elderly and those with health issues, but even healthy adults and children can suffer the effects of heat exposure. CDC statistics indicate over 700 people die each year from heat related ... see more >>

Guest Post: Cool TerraCotta End Table

Greetings One House One Couple readers! My name is Sheila and I blog over at Beyond the Cookie Cutter. Thanks Lisha and Kyle for the invitation to come over and visit. I'm so excited to "meet" you all and thrilled to share this project. I just know we'll be good friends :) I got a little adventurous this past weekend. I've had ... see more >>

Hassle-Free Bathroom DIY: Makeover Your Bathroom Furniture

This is a guest post by Helen. Are your bathroom cabinets in need of an update? Are you short of time and money? Then read on... Cool, Contemporary Sheen Contemporary cabinets can be rejuvenated quite simply, with a couple of cans of hi-gloss cabinet spray paint and a few hours’ work. Hi-gloss bathroom furniture coordinates ... see more >>

Why Your Home’s Foundation Is So Important

This is a guest post. If you have foundation problems, your entire house is at risk. If you need to get your foundation fixed, don't wait. This is something you should repair right away when you know there is a problem. If you have a damaged foundation, you know that, if not repaired, it will only get worse. Texas homeowners have ... see more >>

Why You Should Switch to Compact Florescent Bulbs

This is a guest post. Saving energy around the home is one of the hottest topics today. People everywhere are looking for the best ways to save money around their homes without having to give up the lifestyle that they have become accustomed to. One of the easiest and most inexpensive ways for you to lower your energy bills around ... see more >>

Making the Most of Your Extra Garage Space for Storage

This is a guest post. If you are someone who does not have any cabinets in the garage, then you are missing out on a huge part of owning a garage in the first place. Although there is nothing wrong with storing a car in a garage, you have to remember that there is also usually some extra space around the edges. ... see more >>