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Blogiversary Giveaway

We did it! We finally made it to one full year. One House One Couple is officially one year old today. So we're celebrating our first blogiversary! Read our first post here. In honor of our one year blogiversary, we are giving away a $25 giftcard of choice to the person who commented the most on our blog for the full first year. ... see more >>

Need New Roofing?

Now that we're in storm season (well most of the northern hemisphere is) you might have been noticing some leaks in your roof. When we bought our house, the roof cleared inspection, but there were a few spots that really came dripping down when it rained. Eventually, the ceiling over our fridge just came crashing down. It was horrible. ... see more >>

Shelf for Small Potted Plants in the Yard

Beach Bungalow Time The sun has headed south for the winter, so now the yard is very shady pretty much all day long. So my tomato plant wasn't getting enough sunshine (tomato plants like to get about 8 hours of sun per day). And with the shorter days we've been having, the tomato plant pretty much needs all that the sun will give each ... see more >>

Blueberry Crumb Muffins!

I made some blueberry crumb muffins! They are delish! Here is the recipe I followed, but I also added the crumb mixture from this recipe. Next I'm going to make banana crumb muffins. Stay tuned! ... see more >>

Funny Spoof Video About Our Re-Elected President

Now, before you watch this video, just know this is a spoof and I thought it would be funny to blame our president for all the seaweed on our beach today. You know how everyone blames the president for everything? No matter how the president affects us, I do think this is funny, and it was just done out of pure fun. Enjoy! Just ... see more >>

Rustic Reclaimed Wood Backyard Table

Beach Bungalow Time One time I tore down a wooden gate. And then I made our yard look way better than before. It took a lot of work, and it's still a work in progress, because I still have a few more ideas. I finally got done with making a little side table for the chairs out of the old broken wooden gate I tore down. And that's ... see more >>

Cool Custom Painted Chairs

Beach Bungalow Time Okey Dokey, here we go. I finally got these chairs all done and painted! For the white chair, I just free handed some swirly, nature-like graphic with the gray paint: I did paint a bit too much and went a little overboard, so I painted some of it white again to keep it clean and simple. That only ... see more >>

Cool Artwork and Signed Posters For Sale

Check out my sister's ebay. She has some awesome stuff up right now which will go fast. Star Trek photo signed by the cast. Other Star Trek posters, cute Paris art prints, and the Simpsons. Check them out now :) She needs financial support right now and prayer for her current pregnancy (for her baby to be a miracle/healthy). Thanks ... see more >>

Hip and Modern Home Decor

I have a really cool site to tell you about. It's They have home decor flash sales of lots of really cool random stuff that you can decorate your house with. It's mostly modern items that are unique with a huge sense of style. You do need to create an account to see prices and buy the things you want. But without an ... see more >>

Got Metal?

Today I got a comment asking what kind of roofing is the best for greener living, and told them that my own personal opinion is that metal roofing is the best because you won't have to replace it like you would with any other type of roofing. And now I'm going to share with you about a company that sells metal supplies, some of which ... see more >>