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The Giveaway and More Surfing Progress [VIDEO]

Number one on the agenda: The Giveaway. For those of you who went and saw the giveaway post yesterday but didn't see the links in there for tasks you can complete to enter for more entries, I fixed it (by adding the proper links), so you can go back and more easily like, follow, share, etc. for extra entries, and thus, more chances ... see more >>

Giveaway! Miraculous Bondera TileMatSet + Home Depot Giftcard

Yay! Today has finally come! Time for the Bondera Giveaway! Bondera was nice enough to contact me to ask me if I'd like to try out Bondera and also give some away to one of our lucky readers here at One House One Couple! And I said "Heck Yes!" What Will One Lucky Winner Get? One 12"x10' Roll of Bondera ($38+ value) One 4"x10' ... see more >>

Return on Investment of Curb Appeal and Lovely Landscaping – Ironic Much? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Funny because I just wrote about adding curb appeal to our "front" yard, and then stumbled upon this infographic. When Kyle and I remodeled our home, we spent a lot of time in the front and backyard. We mainly did a simple cleanup in the backyard to make it more appealing, but we did a lot more to the front yard to add "curb appeal". ... see more >>

Added Some Much Needed Curb Appeal to Our “Front” Yard

Beach Bungalow Time As many of you know, we live in an apartment located on an alley that is attached to the main house that someone else is renting. So our front yard is in the alley. But I call everything behind our fence our backyard, and everything on the street part of the alley the front yard. It took us about a year, but we ... see more >>

Horseback Riding on the Beach

July 12th was Kyle and my 5 year wedding anniversary. Happy Anniversary, my Love! We went to one of our favorite places, Red Lobster, for lunch. We got the coconut shrimp appetizer and we ordered Crab Linguini Alfredo to go. Of course you get those lovely complimentary Cheddar Bay Biscuits which are delish, and we got a side salad ... see more >>

Let’s Go Surfing Now, Everybody’s Learnin’ How! [VIDEO]

So I've been a bit MIA at the blog lately. That's partially due to extra work, and partially due to extra summer fun! Kyle and I got our first surfboard about a month ago (a beginner's foam board for $100 at Costco). We took some video the first couple times we went out. Kyle did a little surfing a couple times when he was a kid ... see more >>

Easy DIY Lattice for Bougainvillea

Beach Bungalow Time About a week ago Kyle and I made a lattice for the bougainvillea that was growing amok in our yard. I didn't realize until just now how "amok" was spelled. I did a quick search. Amok is a weird word, isn't it? Anyway, My bloggie friend Vicki invited me to do a guest post at Domestic Mamma, so my post about the ... see more >>

Happy Father’s Day!

Fathers make a huge difference in this world. I personally think that what a father (or any man) does or doesn't do in a child's life is more impactful, whether positive or negative, than what a mother does or doesn't do. I think a lot of the psychopathology our world faces has to do with the fathers in this world. Whether the father ... see more >>

Summer Home Improvement Projects for Kids [INFOGRAPHIC]

I am so glad it's summer. Kyle and I just had our first day at the beach, and I tried surfing for the first time. It was a lot harder than I thought it would be but I was able to get up on my feet... for about two seconds, lol. I'll share more about that later. Maybe I'll put up a video of my new "skills" at some point. Anyway, since ... see more >>

Kitchen Renovation Day 17 – New Roofing and Siding

Home Remodel Time Since we're basically done with the kitchen (except for the final final reveal) I wanted to go back outside to show you a bit more progress that happened on the exterior of the kitchen. But first, let's go back to the beginning... Here's what our house looked like at first: Then we destroyed the pantry: Then ... see more >>