Kitchen Renovation Finished Project with Before and After Photos

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Well, it’s been 39 months since we sold the house, and 15 months since I wrote our last update post on our kitchen renovation of the house we remodeled, but I’m finally back to show you all the finished product of our kitchen! This is also kind of a before and after of our living room and dining room too.

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Here is the finished kitchen all done and staged. This is what it looked like while our house was on the market:

And below is a slew of before and after pics. The following after pics (when the house was not staged) were taken at the exact same angle as the before pics (except for the kitchen sink, since that was actually relocated). Starting basically at the entrance of our house in the living room, going through the kitchen and then into the dining room back facing the kitchen. Here’s the tour:

Before (wall separating living room and kitchen, ugly wall heater, laminate flooring that did not match the rest of the house):

After (wall is gone to form a “great” room, heater gone and wall repaired, new vinyl flooring that looks like dark mahogany wood, new paint, crown moulding, added pantry cabinet):

Before (again, the wall, ugly range hood, ugly cabinets, ugly countertops, laminate flooring which is not good in the kitchen where the floor can get wet):

After (wall removed, new cabinets, added island, new countertops, new lighting, new fan, new electric fireplace heater and hand crafted (by me) surround, new front door which opens the opposite direction as before, with light switches relocated to the other side of the door plus more switches added for the kitchen):

Before (ugly sink, non-functional faucet, ugly countertops, ugly cabinets, another needless wall, salvageable dishwasher, horrible floating flooring, window 3 inches too low):

After (other wall gone, kitchen completely reformatted, window raised 3 inches to allow for countertop to go underneath it, sink moved to the window, new range, new microwave which doubles as a vent, new countertops, new cabinets, new cabinet pulls, beautiful backsplash):

Before (that’s how you got to the pantry that we tore out):

After (pantry gone, exterior wall of the pantry removed and replaced so it’s in line with the rest of the house, kitchen expanded, proper fridge location):

Before (the scary leaky pantry add-on which just became a big headache in our lives, especially when it rained):

After (wonderful kitchen expansion in its place):

Before (ugly and the faucet didn’t even work!):

After (beautiful new faucet that actually works, wonderful seamless transition from countertop to sink, plus every kitchen sink should be located beneath a window so you can look outside while washing dishes!):

Before (mismatched flooring, plus the dining room flooring was hideous, the dining room was also sinking on both sides because there was not enough support beneath the house):

After (support underneath the dining room fixed, new flooring, seamless transition throughout the house, new paint and floor moulding, crown moulding, and support beam created between the kitchen and dining room):

And here are our famous side-by-side before and after pics:







What do you think? Hope you like it! It was so much work for us, and definitely one of the projects we are most proud of!

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  1. I think you did an awesome job. I love it. I agree your kitchen window should above the sink, Love the openness.

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