How to Grow New Marigold Flowers

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My mom taught me this trick. I’m sure it’s a well known trick in the gardening world, but I don’t as of yet consider myself to be a part of the gardening world… I’m working on it though and I’m getting better season by season 🙂

I bought a marigold plant about 2 years ago, and after awhile it just died and stopped producing flowers. Up until this point I thought that when you buy a plant, it’s good for life as long as you water it, but that’s not the case with most plants, especially ones that flower. You have to constantly mend your garden, replant, etc.

I also put my original marigolds in the wrong pot, which didn’t have enough drainage, lol.

But my mom told me to take the dead flowers and dry them out and stick them in some soil, water it, and it’ll grow more flowers. So that’s what I did. I actually had these dried marigold flowers for about a year before I finally got around to planting them. And here’s the new marigold plant that I grew myself from my dead and dried marigold flowers:
planting_new_marigolds (1)

And it’s really simple if you want to grow your own marigolds. Just pick off the dead marigold flowers. My mom told me to dry them out completely, but I actually just put this one in the soil straight off the plant. I just ripped it off and put it in the ground. I didn’t wait for it to dry out completely. So I’m not sure if one way or the other is better, but both worked for me.

So here’s the dead marigold flower:
planting_new_marigolds (2)

Dig a little hole in your soil about 1-2 inches deep:
planting_new_marigolds (3)

Put the dead marigold flower in the little hole:
planting_new_marigolds (4)

Cover it up:
planting_new_marigolds (5)

And a week later, I already have a new marigold growing!
planting_new_marigolds (6)

I’m really happy about this because when I planted the dried marigold flowers before, I planted about 8 or so, and only two sprouted, both on one side of the pot. So I’m glad this one marigold I planted is growing because that will even out the pot, so they’re growing all around. here to leave a comment!

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  1. What a great trick I have had them come up on their own. Now I know how to do it by myself. LOL.

    Thanks again girl
    Kymee Martinak recently posted..Get Reel, Girls Love to Fish too.My Profile

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