I Made a Standing Desk for Just $3.10!

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I’ve been really busy working on my personal development website, so I’ve been sitting a lot at my computer (not writing at this blog enough, but I’ve definitely been a busy-bee). So I decided to make a standing desk.

I found a 2’x2′ piece of already cut particle board for about $2.00 at Home Depot, and one 8 foot 2″ by 2″ for about $1, plus I already had screws at home to build it all together.

I cut the 8 ft 2×2 into a few pieces. Two 2 foot length pieces, one of which I screwed into the wall as support for the back of my standing desk. The other would be used for support for the front of the standing desk top. But I had to made legs for the front part…

So I measured to figure out where I wanted the top of the standing desk to be. I basically just stood in front of my desk and held my laptop up in front of me to what seems like the most comfortable position in one hand, and in my other hand, I held a measuring tape to see where that spot was compared to the top of the existing desk. So I wanted my standing desk to be about 13.5 inches taller than my existing desk.

I decided the legs would come out on the sides of the standing desk top and I would screw it in as such, which you can see how I did in the pictures below. So I cut the legs to 13.5 inches, and I screwed the front support “beam” to the legs so that 5/8″ of the legs were coming up above the support “beam” (because that is the thickness of the 2’x2′ particle board). That way the top of the legs would be flush with the top of the standing desk, and the legs would then help keep the particle board from sliding side to side.

To screw the legs to the support “beam” I drilled a wide pilot hole (the width of a screw head) half way through the legs, then I screwed in a screw the rest of the way (through the leg, then the support “beam”).

Then to make the legs more secure, I put a 45 degree cut piece of 2×2 in each corner of the top of the legs, which you can see in the pictures below. I drilled pilot holes for the screws for these pieces as well, then I screwed them into the support/legs.

So here are some pictures of my standing desk…

Here’s my desk without the standing desk in place, with the back support “beam” screwed into the wall:

Here is a close up of my pilot hole with screw in it (this pic is taken at a bit of angle… if you do this, make the hole straight and have the screw go straight in the middle of the pilot hole):
standing desk

And here are some pics of my standing desk in place:
standing desk

standing desk

standing desk

I simply place the legs on the desk top, then I slide the standing desk top (2×2 particle board) onto the back support and rest it on the front support and legs.

So there you have it. A standing desk that only cost me about $3 to make. I’m pretty proud of that!

Kyle and I are planning on moving at some point toward the end of this year, but we don’t know where we’re moving to yet… we keep going back and forth on what we want to do and where we want to go, but we all we know is we can’t stay in this 1 bedroom apartment forever since our home business needs have expanded as our businesses have expanded.

So when we move, wherever my desk ends up, I think I’m going to use a hinge system to make it easier to put up and take down my standing desk. So I’m excited for that, because it is a tad annoying to put it up and take it down (I would pretty much keep it up all the time, but I’m afraid my cats will knock it down in the middle of the night and destroy my computer, and that would be bad…

I also made a video for my personal development blog to show my standing desk and explain the benefits of standing some of the day, rather than sitting all day:

Do you sit all day? Do you want to make a standing desk? Do it! 🙂

Have you ever tried (or do you have) a standing desk? How is it for you?

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  1. Thank is great because you have an option to sit if you want. Another great one.
    Kymee ;o)
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