We Built Our Own Custom Shelving for Storage

Beach Bungalow Time

Besides repainting our living room and reupholstering the chair, we also made another update for storage space because Kyle’s car parts and shipping supplies were taking over and semi becoming an eye sore…

So we decided to build a custom shelving unit to create some storage space that looked a little better.

building shelving unit 1

building shelving unit 1

building shelving unit 1

building shelving unit 1

We have a lot more stuff behind that curtain now, including stacks and stacks of multiple sized boxes to ship stuff, so this little storage space we created has become very useful–and completely maxed out!

shelving unit with curtains

It’s not the best thing to have in your living room, but when you’re running 2+ businesses out of your living room, this is what you get, and it’s really not so bad considering one of the businesses run out of our house is a Porsche 944 car parts business! lol!

What do you think? What have you done to create storage space in your home?

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