Painting the Living Room Wall [Poop Brown to Sophisticated Blue Gray]

Beach Bungalow Time

The other day I decided I wanted to paint the ugly brown wall in our apartment.

We had this gray blue/green color from when we installed the window in our living room. That was the color to paint the exterior. I decided this actually might look pretty good on that wall. Definitely better than that poop brown color. And it turns out that painting it over the poop brown made it an even prettier, more sophisticated color than the actual original paint color. Less green and more on the blue gray side, so I was very pleased with the outcome.

I wanted to create the appearance of wanescotting so I only painted the top half of the wall the blue/gray color and I am going to paint the lower half white.

After I painted the top half of the wall, I put on some tape. I used electrical tape because we didn’t have any blue tape, and I’ve used electrical tape for this before and it worked great, so I’m perfectly fine with using electrical tape as painter’s tape!

The first step is to get a measuring tape and measure from the floor (or from the ceiling, but measuring from the floor is easier) and make little dots across the wall at the height you want your wall color to change. Then get your level and make sure your line is as level as possible. Draw a line across the whole wall, the most level possible, and the closest to your measurement dots as possible too. I say all this because some floors aren’t level, especially in older houses, so you sometimes have to try to get somewhere in the middle between level and equal with your measurement dots because the main thing you need to do is make it look level and straight.

Once you have your line, then you can put the tape up along the line. I personally only like to press the tape firmly to the wall on the side where I’m actually going to paint over the tape. For me this was the lower half of the tape. I don’t press firmly on the side of the tape where I’m not painting over it. The reason for this is that it makes it much easier to get the tape off the wall if one half of the tape is not too stuck to the wall. You don’t want paint getting under the tape, and since you’re only painting one side of the tape, the other side just needs to be gently pressed to the wall.

Next I painted the top color on the lower side of the tape. The reason for this is because any paint that bleeds under the tape will be the top color, then the next step is to use the paint color that you want for the lower half of the wall. This will create a clean line.

Here it is with the blue gray color painted over the tape on the lower half of the wall.

Here is the entire wall before I started painting the white on the lower half of the wall:

Here’s what it looked like before, just so you can see the difference:

Once that paint dries, simply paint the bottom half of the wall your color of choice, painting all the way up to the tape (even a little bit on that half of the tape). Then the paint needs to be completely dry before you take the tape off. Right now I have only painted one coat of white paint on the lower half of the wall, and because of that poop brown color, I definitely need at least one more coat. So I’m going to finish that up, take off the tape, and show you the finished room hopefully in the next few days.

I’ve also got another living room surprise that will finish off the room which Kyle did to really update the space. It is fabulous and I can’t wait to share it! I can’t wait for this to be done. So far the way the living room looks now, I am so happy with it. It definitely looks more classy and beachy, and clean and breezy. Kind of like a more sophisticated nautical space, as much as can be with this rental we’re in! So stay tuned!


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