How to Get Christmas Tree Sap Off Your Hands And Other Holiday Shinanigans

Beach Bungalow Time

Kyle and I have been doing a few holiday things lately. First, we stayed home for Thanksgiving. Sometimes big family gatherings can get a bit overwhelming. So, let’s just say it was a very peaceful Thanksgiving for us. We stayed home and watched cheesy holiday movies and went on a walk to the beach before making our “feast”.
holidays_2013 (1)

The beach looked beautiful, but it was a bit cold outside.
holidays_2013 (2)

After we ate dinner we traded Thanksgiving cards, and Kyle had bought us each a special candy bar. He wrote my name on Santa’s list on the candy wrapper and checked the box for “Nice”. I thought that was funny:
holidays_2013 (3)

We wrapped up the night playing phase 10 and watching one last cheesy holiday film.

The next day we went to our old Christmas tree farm stomping grounds in Lakeside. But first we drove by our old house we sold to see if it looked any different. The trees and plants we planted were a lot taller, but besides that it pretty much looked the same. Oh and the paint was kind of chipping off the wood fence we built.

I did remember to finally take a picture of the mailbox we put up because it was so cute and I never took a picture of it while we lived there before we moved. So I’m glad it was on the outside of the house so we could go be stalkers and take a picture of our old mailbox, lol:
holidays_2013 (4)

Next we went to pick out our Christmas tree. Here’s Kyle lugging it to our car.
holidays_2013 (5)

This Christmas tree farm is the only place Kyle and I have ever bought a Christmas tree since we’ve been married, and even though we moved over half an hour away, I really wanted to get our tree there (and go spy on our old house while we were at it, lol). I like that we get to chop it down ourselves (well, I hold it up while Kyle saws) and it’s also very inexpensive.

When we got home Kyle put up the lights outside while I decorated the inside of the house and got the tree ornaments ready. Then we decorated the tree together and Kyle put the star on top:
holidays_2013 (6)

So now our living room has the lovely scent of evergreen:
holidays_2013 (7)

And you’re probably wondering when I’m going to tell you how to get tree sap off your hands…

Well, I’m going to tell you right now.

A couple months ago, I was trying to figure out how to get sticky tape off our couch because I had put packing tape along the sides of the arm rest so the cats wouldn’t scratch it. The tape was getting all old so I had to take it off, but then there was this sticky residue left on there.

I researched what would get rid of it and I tried nail polish remover, which did not work at all.

Then I tried vegetable oil, even though I really didn’t think it was going to work. But guess what! It did work!

And now any time there is something sticky like that I try vegetable oil and it comes off! After decorating the tree we had sappy hands so I figured vegetable oil would work on that too, and it did.

So next time you have something sticky like that, try vegetable oil. As long as it’s not cloth it should work. And even if it is cloth, it still might work. Then, to get the vegetable oil off, just use dish soap.
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