We Met a Possum

Kyle and I were eating dinner on our patio one lovely evening when this little critter crept up:

He was actually crawling up to us on the ground when Kyle first spotted him. He was about 5 feet from us at our table!

When we got up, he got a little scared and decided to climb our fig tree. So Kyle grabbed the camera and took some pics.

I think the little guy thought we couldn’t see him while he was in the tree. He stayed there for awhile, so we decided to just go inside and leave him alone so he could feel safe enough to leave — bringing our cats in too, of course, because we were not feeding our cats possum for dinner!

Another creature story… While Kyle and I were on vacation in Dallas visiting my sister, my friend Rachel and her husband came to check on our cats and such. Well, they thought it was a raccoon, but after doing some research on footprints, it turns out a skunk had entered through the cat door!

We knew it wasn’t one of our cats because they only have four “fingers”. The prints all over our floor had five “fingers”. So it had to be another creature.

Possom footprints:

Raccoon footprints:

Skunk footprints:

The skunk came in with its extremely dirty paws, leaving lots of detailed footprints, so by looking up different animal footprints (that are in our area) we could see that it was in fact a skunk!

It didn’t have full on long fingers like the possum and raccoon. It had those little round pads, like cats do, only there was 5 instead of just 4. Plus it had those really long claws (and domestic cat claws are much smaller).

He washed himself up in our cats water fountain and tried to bite a hole in the cat food bag.

I’m just glad he didn’t spray inside our house!

Have you experienced any creatures and critters recently? Tell us about it! Leave a comment 🙂

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3 Responses to 'We Met a Possum'

  1. Our washer is next to our outside french doors. While I was taking a load of laundry out of the wash, I noticed a dead animal on the steps outside. “UGGG! I say, dumb dogs wish they would leave the road kill alone.”

    I then call my son-in-law and ask him dispose of it for me. He then told me that it was not dead, it was a possum. I did not believe him I said, “look it has been run over and looks like it has been dead for a long time.(and backed over again) He assured me that it was not dead. He than proved it by turning the porch light off and within a few minutes the possum got up and walked away…
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  2. Joy says:

    I opened my back door once to let my dogs out at about 2am and saw one of those guys sitting two feet from my door. I thought I was going to pass out…literally almost peed in my pants.

    • Lisha says:

      A possum? Yeah they are so weird aren’t they? And they’re very stealthy, so you never know they’re there until they’re right up on you! lol!

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