How to Find the Perfect First Home for You

This is a guest post by Ella.

perfect_homeFinding your first home is not always as easy as you think it might be. There are so many things to consider when you are looking for the first home, the area, the number of bedrooms even the color of the bricks that has constructed the house. The first home carries a lot of sentimentality and it is essential that you get it just right so you can look back fondly at the house that gave you your first real taste of independence.

Whether you are looking for a home to live in with a partner, friends or on your own, the house you choose can be the reason for utter contentment. Your house is the place you spend a great deal of time in and the way it looks and feels is so important, a house can quickly and easily become a home.

Specific Features

The features that a house possesses can be the difference between you moving in or continuing to look. In the initial house looking stages, it is important to determine what you want and more importantly what you don’t want. The number of bedrooms, an en-suite, a bungalow or a house, they are all areas that need a great deal of consideration to make sure you are making the right decision and will be happy in your home for as long as you want to be.


Where the house is located is also an important choice to make. You may wish to reduce the travelling time to work, be closer to friends and family or simply like the surrounding areas of a location. Regardless of the reason, where you choose to set up can be the difference between a laid back lifestyle and one that is full of uncertainty about the area you have chosen to put down roots.


The expense of setting up home can be the one deterrent or reason why so many people are simply unable to have their own residence. The house you choose has to be one that is affordable to you and it isn’t simply about the rent or mortgage payments, but the running costs such as heating and water bills, insurances and furnishing the property.

Buy or Rent?

This is one of the hardest decisions to make, buying is a long term prospect that will ensure you have your own home forever but that comes with responsibility. Renting gives substantially more freedom with regards to where you live and how long for but may not always be the best long term option. The decision depends greatly on finances and personal preference.

Housing Market

The housing market can fall and rise at different times completely unexpectedly and it is best to watch it closely when you are looking to purchase a property or rent one as the prices of the house and the rental costs will rise and fall along with the market.

The perfect home may not be found straight away and that can be for any number of reasons. It is best to seek as much advice and guidance as possible to help you to make an informed decision that you are entirely happy with, real estate experts such as Fort Myers are on hand to help.

What are your experiences when you tried to find your first home? Share a comment with us! here to leave a comment!

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