The Giveaway and More Surfing Progress [VIDEO]

Number one on the agenda: The Giveaway.

For those of you who went and saw the giveaway post yesterday but didn’t see the links in there for tasks you can complete to enter for more entries, I fixed it (by adding the proper links), so you can go back and more easily like, follow, share, etc. for extra entries, and thus, more chances to win!

And for those of you who didn’t know there was a giveaway, get over there right now and enter to win the $55 in Bondera TileMatSet and a $10 Home Depot Giftcard that I’m throwing in with it!

You have until Tuesday August 6th 7:30am PST to enter. I will announce the winner on Wednesday August 7th at 7:30am PST here at the blog.

Number two on the agenda: Another fun surfing video to show you our progress (well, my progress)…

As I told you a few weeks ago, I finally started surfing for the first time. I’ve lived in California my whole life, grew up by the beach, went to college practically ON the beach, and not once did I get around to learning to surf, even though it’s always been a life long goal of mine… but I finally decided that the time had come.

Anyway, here’s a new video of our surfing adventures:

Click Here to Watch Surfing Day One and Two. here to leave a comment!

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