Added Some Much Needed Curb Appeal to Our “Front” Yard

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As many of you know, we live in an apartment located on an alley that is attached to the main house that someone else is renting. So our front yard is in the alley. But I call everything behind our fence our backyard, and everything on the street part of the alley the front yard.

It took us about a year, but we finally got to doing some curb appeal on out “Front” yard.

First I’ll show you the “before and after” pics and then I’ll explain what we did.





Here’s What We Did

First Kyle removed the ugly chain-linked fence, so then we were able to remove all the ugly weeds.

Then he dug the dirt so it was level with the sidewalk (since we were going to be putting some plants in I didn’t want the water to just run off into the street instead of into the soil to water our plants).

Then he ran some wire across the fence posts so our bougainvillea would grow along the wires (I wanted to start my bougainvilleas right this time and not end up like last time where they were growing amok).

Then I planted the bougainvillea.

Also, a long time ago we added our house numbers too, which I think gives it a much more finished look.

I have an idea to create some rock landscaping design in the dirt around the bougainvillea. I don’t want to put too many plants there. Anyway, I’ll update you with whatever else I do to add more curb appeal to our “front” yard.

What have you been up to lately?

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